DLA tax disc letter: should I inform them it's wrong?

Hi all, I had a letter this morning from DLA saying:

‘You have asked us for a certificate of entitlement to claim a free vehicle tax disc’… and underneath is the certificate.

I do not own a car and nobody has a car to drive me around in (which entitles them to certificate) and naturally I did not ask for certificate.

Do you think I should contact DLA and tell them? Could somebody be pulling a scam with my details? Or is it just an error and best ignored?

Advice appreciated with thanks,

Pat x

I am not exactly sure, I have a free tax disk and do have a car I would have thought like with most things relating to car stuff let them know. you could try calling the DVLA helpline or go into a post office and ask.

Pat - Are you sure it is for a car. l have a disabled tax disc for my car - but l also have a free disabled tax disc for my scooter.

This is because it can go faster then 4mph - so l have to keep to the roads.

You could just get in touch with the dvla - could take them months to reply though. They keep to a very slow speed as well!!


Hi, you don’t have a car and are sure it’s nothing to do with you. I know that many probably won’t agree with me but I’d chuck it in the bin and forget about it!. I’ve phoned up before over the student loan company asking a previous owner at my address to repay a large, long overdue loan. Well, I’ve been passed from department to department, phoned back, hung on for ages, no one has known what to do, etc, it was never resolved, more than ten years later I still get the same letter. I bin them straightaway now! Cheryl:-)

Hi Pat, yeh, perhaps it is for your scooter. I would ring and ask. Don`t just chuck it and say nowt, incase it is some kind of scam.

luv POllx

I had a think how this could be used as a scam and think perhaps it could.

When I was married my ex husband used to claim the tax exemption for the car in his name. As far as I can remember to get the vehicle registration documents changed he just needed to mention the certificate. I was never informed that a tax exemption had been claimed – but it was with my agreement anyway so no matter.

If someone, who knows you are disabled, has applied for the certificate and then later applies to have their vehicle tax exempted you might never know. Not that it will cost you anything but it’s the principle of the thing.

I’d get it put on record that you’ve never requested the certificate and certainly never designated a car to get the exemption – who knows they might catch the bounder. (On the other hand I could just be reading far too much into it and it’s just a mistake!


Hi all, thanks so much for replies.

It’s definitely not for my scooter as mine is too small to use on the road. It only has reflector lights and no indicators so couldn’t be for that.

I think I’ll write them a letter (can’t bear thought of hanging on phone forever). It could be someone (maybe even someone working in DLA?) using my details. They could generate the certificate on the dla system and print off another copy?

Or have I read too many detective novels?

Anyway I’ll write a short letter and say I have not asked for it… have not got a car etc.

Don’t want it to come back somehow and bite me on the butt!

Thanks again,

Pat x