Has anybody else had this problem? After my DLA enhanced mobility was removed by flawed assessment, it was restored after tribunal hearing. Did all the necessary log book changes and was told we would get a full refund for the tax we had to pay while waiting for the tribunal. DVLA only returned £15.41 of the £101.75 and keep asking if the exemption certificate had been included when we mailed to them the log book??? Clearly they don’t know their own procedures…you cannot change a log book without doing it via the post office who merely witness and stamp the certificate. DVLA are talking as if a refund would be discretionary. Am I the only person this has happened to…the refund dept. cannot be reached by phone. Just more and more stress and getting nowhere.

hi tishroskams

chuffing heck, as if we don’t have enough problems with the PIP.

get advice from CAB, welfare rights or anywhere else you know of.

good luck

carole x

Why not write to them? Send copies of the relevant award notices re your DLA/PIP and explain the problem. Sometimes it’s the only way, if you can’t get through on the phone.


At last, spoke to someone who knows what she is talking about. DVLA expect you to post the exemption certificate with a covering letter to them and clearly they expect you to be a mind reader as there is no mention of this on their web site. Having rung just before taking log book to the post office to confirm procedures, no one at the DVLA said anything then either. Having lived in Cardiff for many years, I know how vast that place is and know how easily they lose things so was really reluctant to send it even by registered mail. And no…photo copies are not acceptable. Sigh…