The DLA managed to lose my forms & I cannot prove I sent them, the result is I have to re-apply, but they are going to take my car away & I have only had it a year.

Is there anything I can do.

Sorry I don’t know the answer to this but I would give the MS helpline a ring 0800 808 8000, perhaps their legal team can help.

Good Luck!

Hi, this happened with one of my claims and i had to re-apply. But the lost ones turned up before they received the 2nd lot and all was okay.

But with you at risk of losing your car, this is far more serious.

You need to get advice from someone like CAB/Age UK (you don`t have to be 60+ to get their help). Try the Benefits helpline, which you can join and get great assistance.

Good luck.

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The company, through which you got your motorbility car, would have copies of these forms. Have you been in touch with them?

Hope of help


I agree the car company yu got your car from should have copies…and its all done electronically now…or was last time I got mine a few years ago…they cant take your car off you! Thats ludcrous…the agree ment if a new lease car is for 3 yrs and your award for DLa higher rate shold be for at least 3 yrs in order to qualify for the car scheme…good luck hope it gets sorted…


Think there is some confusion about what is happening here – at least I’m confused but that’s not too difficult!

What exactly is it that DWP have lost?

Had they sent you renewal forms and these are lost? I agree with the others how on earth could they loose your original entitlement. You need only have 12 months’ entitlement left to get a motability car even though the lease is for 3 years so I suspect that it is renewal forms that are lost.

You have 3 months from the end of the DLA award to return the car (during which time you have to pay for it yourself). When you reapply for DLA you can ask for it to be backdated 3 months. Hopefully you can get it sorted in 3 months.

I know this is a bolting stable door sort of comment but it may help others. Always take a copy of important forms and send them by registered post. It’s a pain but the result of DWP loosing your forms (which I’m sorry to say is all too common) can be devastating.

Get on with that reapplication as quickly as you can and with hope you will get it done within 3 months before you have to give your car bacck.


Have you spoken to Motability? They are usually quite helpful in situations like this. They may be able to arrange an extension on your car lease until DWP get your claim sorted.