good idea or bad

hi all.

my car has decided to pack in so was going yo look into a mobility car but it turns out that i only have 9 months of my dla award need to have at least 12 months left.

man at garage says to fone and explain that i need a car and see if they will extend my award by 6 months.says he has had customers do this before,some successfully and some not.

does this sound like a good idea or am i being stupid by asking to be reviwed early.we have all heard the storys about people having their dla taken off them and i would potentially be bringing this upon myself but i do need a car…

thanks in advance spudz…


See Hazelwah’s post re Motability-currently on p2

From what you have written, I would say bad idea…

Ellie x

Hi Spudz, I assume that you would be renewing your dla when it runs out in 9 months anyway and allowing tiime to fill in the forms and get a reply and wait for them to write to your doctor and eventually say yes or no and then to appeal if it is a no, then you are going to have apply in a few months time anyway. Cheryl:-)