Compromise of personel security I believe!

A new vehicle check service on the DVLA website allows visitors to find out whether their neighbours are receiving the higher rate of the mobility component of disability living allowance (DLA) or either rate of the mobility component of personal independence payment (PIP). The system is likely to be in breach of data protection laws and will be of enormous concern to many disabled claimants. Bang out of order don’t you think?

Absolutely appalling.

Can you give a link to the place where this can be done?
I think this should - if true - be the subject of a complaint to the Information Commisioner, but it need sime supporting data.


Hi Geoff If you type DVLA into google it comes up on the dvladirectgov webpage Get vehicle information from DVLA - GOV.UK This is outrageous

Hi Geoff Type dvla in google and on the Gov uk webpage it gives you an option to get vehicle information from the dvla I tried posting the link but as usual it was qued for moderators This is outrageous and something needs to be done to stop it


It was mentioned in the news the other morning.

Is there a petition against it anywere.


I took a look at the link, but there was nothing obvious about finding someone’s PIP or DLA status. In fact there was nothing new at all that I could see.

There are at least two reasons why a story like this could get started, and both of them are political.

If - and I do mean IF - there is any truth in this, then it should be reported to the ICO. At the moment, I am inclined to believe that someone has started the story deliberately, with the intention of causing trouble for someone or other.

Like Ronin said in another thread: is there a general election sometime soon?


I am afraid this true. I am a member of the benefits at work website and it’s on there. Visitors to the DVLA site can check whether their neighbours are on high rate DLA or either rate of PIP. All the info they need is taken from the tax disc of the mobility car. same will apply if you accept a tax disc for your private car.

Free tax disc for private care

Hi Geoff If any random person eg a neighbour/friend typed your reg number & make of vehicle into the option where it says check vehicle information this to me would indicate that you do indeed recieve dla/pip at the higher rate of mobility as it states the car is owned by a disabled person and pays no car tax surely that is a compromise on someone? There are some mallicious/jelous people out there that could indeed cause problems for people, do you not think? Sorry dont know why its showing as anon

Now we get somewhere.
This does not affect me personally, since I do not get DLA, or PIP, or free tax.

I can see the sense in making such infomation available to the authorities (whoever, or whatever “they” are), but totally agree that a private citizen should not be able to find this information out about another.

So, who is going to start a petition on, and who is going to make a formal complaint to the ICO? It does need to be someone who is affected, because that carries a lot more weight.

Me, I am going to have a rummage through the ICO website, 'cos all I know is how to complain about silent telephone calls and the like.

Anon, it’s showing as anon 'cos you have the box for “post anon” ticked - if you havn’t, then that is something for the web team to sort out.



The vehicle regestration check is still in “BETA” (secondary testing fase) . You can leave feedback about it on the top of the page.


I am disgusted by this, it is a person,s own business to know such things but I bet they will say it is to prevent fraud and get away with it.

I hope someone will complain who is affected by it, I will sign a petition as I believe in privacy.

An update from benefits and work website, dated 16/7/14

The website urged visitors to complain to DVLA and the information Commissioner if they were unhappy with this situation-and it seems that they did.

DVLA refuse to back down. The information Commissioners office is investigating the issue and has received so many complaints that they are now no longer looking at individual concerns and people should watch the DVLA website for news.

A national expert in data protection has supported the benefits and work argument that DVLA is breaching the rights of disabled claimants…watch this space!!!

I’ve copied down as much as I can. This silly up to date laptop will not let me cut and paste or copy or whatever it is I have to do. And now my fingers are tired