Disabilty Benefit everyone being reassed like Esa

Here we go again disability this time is being reassed just like ESA i have nothing to hide but the stress of explaining when your speech is limited get’s me so stressed i pass out. What next will the government change chemical sterilisation for all until you have the fund’s to support your family. Does any one know when it begin’s and what it involves

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We also post requests from the Campaigns Team when they are on the lookout for case studies/opinions on certain issues. They have been working really hard on all the issues talked about here. Read more on the campaigns blog:

I’ve flagged up this thread with them .

Greg [admin]

As far as I am aware it will take place 2013-14.

The best advice I can give is to join Benefits and Work. They have details of the change to PIP on their website already and will keep you informed as more info. becomes available.

I can understand completely how stressful this is (I’m dreading it myself) but I firmly believe that it’s all in the way you tell 'em. If you know what they are looking for you can fill in the forms with the sort of information that will allow the correct decisions to be made. I’m not talking about being dishonest just making sure that you address all the problems that you face in day to day life because it’s so easy to gloss over issues that need spelling out.

Try not to worry.



PIPs will start in 2013, with all new claims for what was DLA being assessed under the new rules. These rules have yet to be formalised yet. Disabled peple on DLA are being contacted at the moment for their views.

People on DLA already will be re-assessed as their DLA meets it expiry date, with those on indefinate DLA been assessed from 2013-2016 on a random basis.

I’m not sure of the chemical sterilisation plans of this government.

I plan to deal with it when it arrives and try not to think about it before.

PIP will look at your needs rather than the name of your illness.

regards & try not to worry. I know it is easier said than done.


The following link should answer all questions relating to the new PIPs which are to replace DLA Hope this helps. Roger

I personally think it is time DLA was changed, and reading this document it could be for the better. Hopefully.

Had a look at the link above, it explains it pretty well although I’m sure that when the forms start to come out anxiety will be high again.

I know I became unwell this summer related largely to the stress of changing from IB/IS to ESA. Followed by reapplying for DLA a few weeks later. 2 horrible forms and one medical assessment (which lasted less than 5 mins)…All very stressful. Hopefully if people with disabilities are being asked for their views- some attention will be paid towards the emotional/stressful impact of application and assessment…

All well and good But for anyone who can walk 50 meters or more no longer qualifies for higher rate mobility. No HRM no mobility care so how do you get to work ? If anything very few on here will qualify for even the standard rate. But hey never mind eh? It’s about time DLA was changed…

So to be so ignorant, but will this affect incapacity benefit too or just ESA?

Incapacity benefit’s being phased out anyway - to be completed by 2014 I believe. So for anyone who was formerly on incapacity benefit, the applicable benefit will be ESA.

This thread was actually about DLA, which is a different benefit again, and NOT an income replacement benefit. That one is being replaced by personal independence payments (PIP).

So Incapacity Benefit moves to ESA, and DLA moves to PIP.


Anyone who thinks PIP is a change for the better is naive if not a fool.

What it is about is saving money. Ditto ESA.

There is only 0.5 fraud for DLA but this scummy government wants to cut numbers by 20% Work that one out

The post by simplextwist is disgusting and she/he needs to actually look at the facts rather than swallowing the propaganda being churned out by this govt, DWP and right wing press.

M Turner likewise needs to wake up and smell the bullshit.

Hi, how would this work re motabilty ?


Benefits at work sent me this self test for PIP and I scored High for both so that could be better than my high Mobility and Mid care?

I dont know if this link will work?

Hi I am M Turner and I do not need to wake up and smell no bullshit. Your the one reading all the propaganda from the red tops and scaremongers. I did the test on line and scored high on mobility and care.

We have this everytime there is a change all these scaremongers who stir up the pot making people more stressed. The ESA changes were one. Yes mistakes were made it was a huge undertaking. BUT I know many people who have been through the ESA assessment now and have survived yet prior to their assessment reading all the BS on forums scaring people half to death did not help them. Yes it was put in place to save money but it seems to be sort of working now although in our area there are no disability advisors so several of my friends havent even spoken to one but still get their ESA, and I know of people on ESA who have even gone on to work now even though they did not feel they could and are happy, not everyone gets a bad deal in life. Mind you there are some bad things about ESA but this is not for discussion on this post and has nothing to do with people who are disabled.

Then there was the new changes for the Health and social care assessments. Everyone was up in arms over that. We would loose our Direct Payments. The councils were in it to take our money off us so we wouldnt get the direct payments to pay for our care work. We would have to be laying prone in a bed before they would allow it. Well I went through the new reassessments for the this and I had NO CHANGES in my direct payments, and actually the guy who came to see me felt I should have more hours not less. I still get my Direct Payments and I still have my two ladies after 3 years but if I had listened to all the negative propaganda I might have just given up and not bothered to be reassessed, but I knew I had a need so stuck with it, and I am glad I did.

DLA does need looking at not for the new claimants who have had to be assessed properly in the last decade but for many claimants who have sat on this money for years and years and can walk fine but get cars, I know in my housing estate of 3 people who have been long term claimants (at least 20 years) of DLA all get cars and all 3 of them can walk fine because over the years their conditions have got better these are the people who will be targeted. And I know these people and they all go to the pub and never work. DLA is supposed to be money to get and help people to stay at work…not for people who are too disabled to get out of bed. Actually only 17 percent of people who claim DLA work.

I know several people with MS who can hardly walk who cannot get DLA on the old system so how can the new PIP be any worse for them?

This is still in the first stages and will like they say change over the next year as and when disabled people and societies like the MS Society give them their thoughts on how it should work.

DLA at the moment is really hard to get and stressful and the forms are a nightmare, any change that would make this easier to complete is for the better but I expect the forms will be just as hard to complete.

These benefits by the way were being changed by the Labour government. The ESA one for example.

The Welfare Reform Bill was passed in May 2007, paving the way for the introduction
of Employment and Support Allowance in October 2008.

One thing the government does listen they are now not taking away the mobility componant in DLA for people in care homes BECAUSE people stood up and shouted loud enough for them to hear. I think that we all have a right to our say over this, and I for one will be writing about it to my local MP. But whether or not it does anything is another matter.

Of course these changes are to save money I am not naive enough to think otherwise, but genuine claimants who get DLA now should have no problems in getting a componant of the new proposed benefit for people of working age. It will however, screen out all the claimants who have sat on DLA for years never telling the DWP of any changes to their condition.

This is like I say still ongoing and there will be changes until next year, when the pilot will be put in place. It might have to be changed again once the pilot has run its course…so it is still early days yet.

The timetable for PIP is as follows:

  • April 2013 – An initial pilot of a few thousand new PIP claims
  • June 2013 – All new claims will be for PIP.
  • Autumn 2013 – If you are on working age DLA and you report a change in your condition or your award is due to be renewed you will be reassessed under PIP. A few thousand other cases will be reassessed using random national selection.
  • Early 2014 - full reassessment as part of rolling schedule using a random national selection.

You will told when your reassessment is due. It is intended that all existing DLA claimants will have been given the opportunity to claim personal independence payment by March 2016.

I hate these changes and I know they are just for money saving purposes but its going to happen whether I want it to or not…and I shall just have to hope that when it comes to my reassessment that I am still able to get the monetary support it gives me. It pays for many things for me, extra heating costs because I am at home all day, food from Oakhouse because I cannot cook for myself anymore or my husband, a dog walker to take out my dog, a cleaner twice a week, and aids for me to get about which I change as my condition worsens. (I have just had to buy a new electric wheelchair).

I am not however, going to worry about it for upto another 4 years, i will worry about it when it is my time, and hope that I go through it ok, and come out the other side unscathed sort of.

One thing though about the new proposals is the government are looking at perhaps allowing the motability allowance for cars for be for both the higher rate and standard rate. This would be brilliant for people who get the standard rate and could use the money for a car, or even tax on their own car.

Anyway I am not getting into a slanging match on this forum about this. I have my views and I am entitled to air them. Whether or not you agree is upto you and I respect your views however not so much how you voice them lol. I only know that if I had listened to all the scaremongering in the last few years about all the changes that were coming about I would probably have had a stroke by now.

What will be will be, but i will be making my voice heard by writing to my MP voicing my concerns over this.

WHOA! Maria! I am truly shocked by this:

DLA is to help with the extra costs incurred with having a disability (e.g. transport, equipment, care). It is not to help people stay in work! It is payable even if you work.

And have you any idea how expensive it is to be “too disabled to get out of bed”?! Does being too disabled to get out of bed without help mean that you should be left there, with no motability car, no scooter - no life?

I do agree that it is wrong that some conditions automatically get granted high rate mobility even if the person can walk well, but that does not mean that it is right to completely overhaul the system and cut the budget by 20%. On a personal level, I won’t qualify for the new high rate mobility because I can self propel myself in my wheelchair for 50m over flat ground. So can my friends W* and P*, both of whom can just about walk a few metres with crutches and neither of whom work. How the hell are they supposed to get out of the house and live even a remotely normal life if they can’t get a motability car? How the hell are they supposed to survive if their benefits are cut?

The new criterion for high rate mobility is absolutely DISGUSTING.

Hi M Turner and others who feel that DLA is being changed for the better.

There is so much to say about this I just don’t know where to begin. I was going to mention the purpose of DLA – but Karen has already done that. Its simply not about keeping people in work. Access to work fills that niche. DLA is there to help with the extra expenses disability forces upon one.

I want to highlight just one of the changes that will affect so many. The change from the word “walk” to “mobilize”. Formally it was all about how far you could walk but now it’s how far you can push yourself in a manual wheelchair. (Even if you don’t actually use one so I suppose it should more accurately be called a virtual wheelchair) The test is on even, level ground. I would be happy to have a world where even level ground was the norm, here in Yorkshire it’s as rare as hen’s teeth. I propose that it is significantly harder to self propel on slopes than it is to walk on slopes making the test even less reflective of people’s true abilities.

I understand the feeling that those of us who post about the application difficulties are “scaremongering” but I personally want to prepare people to fill in the forms with enough information to get the point across. If claimants do not approach the information providing stage with diligence and an eye on the hidden question they will fail. If claimants apply with the view that the DWP is benign and will read between the lines they will be disappointed.

If I have added to anyone stress I truly apologise but I will continue to point out the need to fill in the dreaded forms with an eye on the underlying question.If I become aware of impending problems I will post them. Knowledge is power – we must stick together on these issues.

In every community there appear to be people claiming a benefit to which they are not entitled but it is easy to make assumptions without true knowledge. However, if what you say is correct and historical claimants were not subjected to such rigorous applications why does the baby need to be thrown out with the bath water? Those old claimants could be weeded out by applying the current criteria, why does the criteria itself need to change? I sense some other agenda.

To be honest I would rather some ineligible people got the benefit if it meant that all those who really needed it got it. It doesn’t matter how tight you make a system there will always be someone who can scam it. Alas tightening the rules mean that some disabled people who really need help are cast out.


OOOPS Whoa it is meant to read: It seems that the mobility componant of "DLA is supposed to be money to get and help people to stay at work…not for people who are too disabled to get out of bed. Actually only 17 percent of people who claim DLA work." I actually copied that from a government web site about the working and the 17 percent etc for the mobility componant.

I dont know why some of it is missing. I wrote after that this is ridiculous surely as lots of people do not work who claim it and they are too disabled to work, and need the money to get out and about. I was being sarcastic as I went onto say that people with MS who are really bad cant even get it. That is the trouble when you copy and type and cut too early in the morning.I have cut out a piece and not pasted it back in, sorry. I always type on a word document and then copy it back onto the forum, so I know what I wrote. I find it hard to copy and paste on here as it just keeps coming up with paste when you want to copy.

So you are quite right I made a right mess of that. Maria

OOOPS Whoa it is meant to read: It seems that the mobility componant of "DLA is supposed to be money to get and help people to stay at work…not for people who are too disabled to get out of bed. Actually only 17 percent of people who claim DLA work." I actually copied that from a government web site about the working and the 17 percent etc for the mobility componant.

Maria, could you let me know the government website you read that on? I can’t see it on the site.


I would suggest that some posters on this thread read the excellent Spartacus Report:


This is typical right wing politics, get the dogs fighting over the scraps from the table (benefits) while the fat cats continue to abuse the system as normal (tax evasion, bonuses for company chairmen/women that are in unreal numbers).

The only glimmer of hope I can see is that this government’s track record on thinking things through has not been good and there has already been more than one U turn. I will give them that, they will back track when it is obvious they’ve made a complete pigs ear of it.

I am not condoning benefit fraud but it really is very small sums of money compared to the other abuses that go on.

It would be interesting to know the timescale needed before any savings made by changing DLA are greater than the cost of changing the system.