Don't want work to know I get DLA

Apologies for the anon.

I receive high rate mobility and use it to lease a motability car.

My workplace has recently introduced a new ‘safe driving’ policy which means I have to complete a risk assessment (done) and also show my motor insurance (which has to have business insurance included) to my manager every 6 months.

All of which is fine, I contacted RSA - motability and they added the business insurance with no problem (just so I can claim travel expenses back when necessary - I’m not using my car every day, I’m office based).

The problem is my motor insurance states that it is Royal Sun Alliance - Motability car insurance, although I use a wheelchair or crutches and am genuinely entitled to DLA given the current criteria, I don’t WANT anyone in work to know my business.

My manager is a serious gossip and I KNOW that he will tell HIS manager, who is also his best friend, who will spread the gossip on to the Executive Management Team, I’m fully aware of confidentiality and this shouldn’t be allowed and all that stuff but I know that it WILL. My claiming DLA and having a motability care will be a juicy piece of gossip too hot not to share…

In these days of increased disability hate crime I’m worried, I don’t want them to know, I feel that it would make me more vulnerable if they did.

Thank you, I’m just ranting and wringing my hands here. I think I’ll contact RSA and see if they can issue a non motability obvious motor insurance…


Strangely enough, I work in a place where people are understanding and supportive and there are still comments made about my mobility car arrangements. Maybe the best way to explain you membership of the motability scheme would be to describe it as being a contract hire scheme specific for wheelchar/walking stick users, similar to schemes for the self-employed and now being offered by various manufacturers to anyone. They have mileage restrictions as well. Does the insurance certificate mention DLA or just the motability scheme? Another point is that gossips may have a wide knowledge of what benefits are available so they might have already assumed that you are on some sort of benefit. I always claim that the motability car costs me at least £3000 a year and is not free or anything like that!

I hope this is helpful, best wishes, Steve.

Thank you for your reply Steve,

I work for an organisation which has all the correct PC policies etc but I suppose people are just people.

Although I’m obviously disabled and I’m sure no one would want my disability I suspect it’s human nature to resent if we think someone is getting something we aren’t.

The current disability hate stuff and all the media whipped up ‘scrounger’ articles really concern me.

The organisation requires a copy of my insurance for my HR record. And the HR department is truly a nest of vipers. Whatever glowing confidentiality policies they have, I know they will love this bit of gossip.

I fear that some nasty person I may have had a run in with in the past will do one of those anonymous DWP reports and although I’m entitled as I say, it would make life difficult and stressful for a while.

And my line manager and his line manager are super gossips…

Hi Anon,

I am an intensely private person and don’t like people knowing my business so I can understand your reluctance to have people at work know that you get DLA.

I moved into an adapted council house last year and apparently one neighbour said to another “I wish I was disabled they get everything for free” Just makes you cringe. I love my free wide doors and ramps, everybody wants them don’t they?

I think your work situation would probably be the same – idiots saying totally stupid things but along with your MS you need to grow a skin like a rhino. Some people will be clots, you can’t legislate for that but there will be others (in the majority, I suspect) who admire you for holding down a full time job in a wheelchair and wouldn’t begrudge you anything that would make that possible.

I am sure that this will be one of those blow over quickly situations. Hold your head high. You get DLA because you deserve it. Don’t worry about reports to the DWP. What are they going to say “There’s a bloke at my work, in a wheelchair claiming DLA” Yeah right.


Anon, can you give them a copy of the front page of the policy with the word ‘Motability’ tippex’d out? It’ll just say Royal Sun Alliance then. Photocopy it and the Tippex don’t show.

agree with the last post , but also if it gets out is that not against the data protection act

take care


Hi, Do you drive your car in relation to claimibg business expenses in relation to your work often enough to justify taking part in this, I mean if it’s worrying you and the expenses you want to claim don’t amount to very much just say you don’t want to take part in this any more. As for someone reporting you to dwp, do you really think that’s likely, you say someone you had a run in with in the past, do you have run ins with a lot of people at your work. Although I’m sure people do get reported to dap, I’m not sure that that is very high on th list of possibilities in your case, you are in a wheelchair and can’t walk, don’t worry about this. Do you really think this will be a hot topic of conversation, anymore than e.g Tom has insurance with Tesco and Dick insures with aviva and Harry, well the last time he was insured with Aviva but now he is with Swift cover. Either they won’t know the significance of Motability and it will just be an insurance company or they will know what Motability is and assume since you are disabled you will be with Motability. Although tippexing out the Motability and photocopying is an excellent idea, I really would urge caution there, it’s an official document, what if they can tell it’s a photocopy and insist on seeing the original, now that might be a bit more of a talking point. Hand over your certificate, you have done nothing wrong, if they do gossip so what, they’ll move on to the next gossip topic soon enough. Cheryl:-)