Motability scheme advice

Hi everyone,

I am hoping somebody can help me, I am looking into hiring a car through the mobility scheme and have been trying to find the answer to the following question.

Can my husband use the car for work?

There are a lot of different views on this and I was hoping someone actually knows for sure.

thanks in advance


My understanding is that he can only drive the car if he is doing something for you, I wouldn’t have thought his going to work counts. Why don’t you ring them and ask.

Jan x

according to the site, no. other people can use it but it has to for the benefit of the of you

Agreed with the other posters. He can drive it, even be the only driver, but the primary use of the car is for your benefit. My husband is the main (pretty much only) driver of our motability car, he’s also my carer. The agreement that you make with Motability is that the car is provided for the use of the disabled person and the majority of the use is for that. Therefore your husband would be able to use it for your use, also for bits and pieces that are not primarily for your use (eg my husband uses the car now and then to visit a friend or to go to a specific shop that isn’t for my benefit) but he wouldn’t be able to use it to go to work.

It’s a brilliant scheme, I still can’t get my head around how it’s possible to exchange your DLA/PIP for a car with insurance, servicing etc included.


you also have to sign forms to stat you will only use it for the disabled person, which i picked up on as i know lots who use it for their use and haven’t a disability which pisses me off because the same folk critisize people who play the system and you then think you are also breaking the law


Hiya Shelley, YES, your husband can use a motability car to and from his work, you don’t need to be in the car if your are not the a named driver, the car is for your benefit, so hubby can go shopping (for your benefit) go to work (again, you benefit from his wages), as long as the car is available for use by you, whenever needed, Brian

This was a question in the motability magazine a couple of years ago.

i am sure the answer was yes for the reason that Brian gives.

its always worth giving them a call.


Thank you everyone, I emailed the scheme and Brian and Neil are correct. Spouses are allowed to use the car for work as long as the insurance is extended to cover this.

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That’s brilliant, I’m even more impressed by Motability. I’m still not sending my husband back to work!!