Road tax exemption


I just wondered what everyone else does. Apparantly I can get this as on higher mobility, but when I spoke to the lady at the DWP she said you can only use it if it is your car or someone elses car only if the car is just used by someone doing things for you. This seems really odd, surely not many people have a car that they only use for someone else? I do not have a car, me and my husband share our car but he also uses it to drive to work each day. Does this mean I can’t use the exemption?



you can get a free tax disc if you are on high rate mobility but I got a fee tax disc to go in the private car, I had a leaflet with 2 spaces on it as first time I had only been awarded it for 2 years, I just had to go to post office with the car insurance, they gave me one to last 12 months,

now with the mobility car its posted out to me every 12 months,

Al x


You are perfectly ok to use the car tax excemption on your husbands car.

By using the car for work is helping you. It is bringing an income into the household to assist in paying for your day to day living expenses & housing costs.

This will be fine.


Sorry, but you will find that the car must be used for you and you alone.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Sorry to confirm this but Chris is right - it is a grey area this but the vehicle has to be used primarily to assist you getting round. My understanding is that if I had free tax on my car but my wife used it everyday for ferrying the kids about or similar, that would be an abuse of the entitlement.


Hi, I agree with chris.r, the car must be used for you. I don’t agree with Neil that it is fine for your husband to drive to work to bring in a wage to help you. I don’t think this would qualify however it is a bit of a grey area. I think the car needs to be being used for you e.g to pick up a prescription or some shopping for you would be fine. However I don’t think going to work to earn a living to help you would qualify. Cheryl:)

I don’t know where I read it but I have somewhere (official not forum type opinion) that it’s OK for a partner to use the car to go to work. It stuck in my mind because I don’t have a partner so obviously anyone else (like my daughter) using my exemption for work wouldn’t be OK. I think this needs clarrification with DVLA but I hope it turns out OK because every little helps.