50% car tax reduction


I get the standard rate mobility component of pip I have looked on the gov web site and I can get a 50% reduction on car tax, I m getting a new car in October, has anyone claimed this, as its a new car can the dealer assist ?

any feedback/help would be appreciated.


Looking at the website, you need to receive enhanced rate of PIP and not standard rate. I recently paid car tax but looked at the website first, so your post made me look again. I am sure someone else knows more than me though! I would also like know for sure.



Yes you can. I didn’t know about this but 50% tax reduction for standard rate PIP, mobility component. I just looked it up.

See Financial help if you're disabled: Vehicles and transport - GOV.UK


excellent news that.

thanks sue for being the fount of all knowledge.

i’d heard something but i have no faith in my memory!

fugazi - in what way would the dealer assist?

most dealers will assist in any way they can at the prospect of a sale.

let us know how it went.

Yes if you receive the lower rate of the mobility component of PIP you can claim a 50% discount on your road tax. You will need to take your award letter to prove your entitlement to the Post Office and they will do it for you.


I have been taking advantage of this for a few years now, although it is not very well publicised. You do have to dig a bit to find it; not surprising, after all.

I see that Sue has already provided this link, but never mind.

I have not tried applying at the Post Office; I prefer using the post. You can fill the V10 using Adobe Reader (using the fill and sign tool), save it for future years, and then print it off. Don’t forget to add all the documents listed on the government webpage; they will send them back promptly. It’s best to apply about three weeks before the tax is due.

There is a bureaucratic procedure to follow with all government matters. It’s a fag but worth the bother.

Now, I qualify for the full exemption but the drawback is the restrictions placed upon it. I must either be in the car, or it must be used for my benefit, such as collecting a prescription. That’s too prescriptive. I believe I have correctly interpreted this, but I am happy to be put right.

Pip Pip

In terms of needing to physically in the car or for a journey to be on your behalf, I think it can be more widely interpreted than that. If my husband uses the car to

  • go shopping - it’s for both of our benefit
  • go to the bank
  • visit his mother - covering family duties on both our behalf’s
  • drive himself to the gym - if he’s unfit, who will be my carer?
  • even visit friends locally, he needs respite too
  • pretty much anything he does is on behalf of us as a family.

At the moment I’m a bit stuck in terms of being able physically to get in and out of the car, but I think it’s possible to argue that I’d be doing a lot of this stuff alone or with him were I physically able. He does most of what he does either for my benefit or for his own health and well being, both physical and mental.

We are all our own consciences in such matters. But I’m comfortable with my reading of the rules.



Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, and I can follow the logic of your interpretation.

I was remiss in not explaining my situation in full. Our daughter Rachel and our grandson Jim both live with us. Both my wife Linda and Rachel work part-time, ensuring that there is always someone here to monitor my shambles. Linda still works and uses the car to get there and back.

As Linda works two days a week, I did not feel justified in applying for the full exemption. I am happy to accept the 50% reduction as there appear to be no conditions attached.

Best wishes


Thanks for the replies all, as its a new car its taxed by the dealer ( at my expense), I will let you know how I get on getting the 50% reductio.