Happy Birthday!

Well, that time has come. I woke up Saturday morning to a lovely greeting from my 2 kids and the wife, birthday cards and presents, breakfast in bed and then the plan was to head out to the car showroom to order my next motability car. I had taken some time to look at what it was I was going to get and what little extras I might like so was ready to go.

Then “the postie” was kind enough to deliver yet more cards but there at the bottom was a brown envelope with the dreaded DWP address on the back in case it needed to be returned. Upon opening of the said letter my plans were dramatically changed.

The opening line of “your disability allowance is ending” really put a dampener on the morning, my planned trip to the showroom was cancelled, and then I sat down to the thought “here we go then, time to start the dreaded process”.

I am about to call the number to kick off the process but thought a quick note here to see if anyone has any pointers before I do so might be a good idea.

So any pointers anyone can provide?


Ok here goes Charlie:

  1. Get familiar with the PIP descriptors, have a look at Personal Independence Payment - Citizens Advice

  2. For more detail, possibly consider joining as a member: Their guides are excellent.

  3. Start collecting evidence in support of your claim. Once you understand the descriptors, how the points system works and how you feel you fit in to the various descriptors, think about what evidence you need to provide. Some of this you probably already have, any letters from your neurologist or any other medical professionals will help. If you have a care assessment, that will help. Otherwise, ask your MS nurse, physiotherapist, any carers (even your wife can write a supporting letter, detailing how she helps you). Just anyone else you can think of who can confirm what you are saying about your mobility and care needs.

  4. Don’t miss any deadlines. When you phone (and if you got the letter on Saturday, you’ve probably got a while before you have to phone, so don’t rush, start with points 1 to 3 first) just make sure it’s before their deadline. Equally, once you’ve phoned, they’ll send you the form and the clock will start ticking again.

  5. When you complete the form, take your time, make sure you answer the questions, but include detail and examples for each descriptor. I typed my answers and scrawled on the form ‘please see attached’. I explained several times that my handwriting isn’t good enough. On the document that contained my answers I listed which question I was answering, put my name, NI number and the page number (eg page 4 of 7).

  6. Make sure you photocopy everything you send, the form, all the evidence, every piece of paper. I also included a page which detailed everything I was sending, stating how many pages each section contained. And I listed each piece of evidence, stating who it was from and which descriptors the evidence related to.

  7. Post by recorded delivery rather than use their envelope.

Don’t worry too much about it (I know, easier said than done), just take your time and work through the form bit by bit, don’t forget to read through what you’ve written with a critical eye and make any changes as necessary.

Good luck. Oh and with regard to your next Motability car, if you already know that you fit the mobility descriptor for the enhanced rate of PIP (ie, you cannot walk more than 20 metres and the rule is reliably, repeatedly and safely), then go ahead and order your car.

I hope the bloody letter didn’t wreck your birthday and that it was a happy one.


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Sue - thank you for your reply, I very much appreciate the knowledge you have shared. I did have a nice birthday in the end. Charlie

Hi Charlie,

Happy Birthday!

If you phone DWP they’ll explain what is happening & what to do about the car. Then phone Motability, and they’ll put your mind at ease. You can’t renew a Motability car unless you have at least 1year left of qualifying for Mobility Benefits.

But GOOD NEWS IS, you might be able to extend the lease on your existing Motability car.

It’s easy to say don’t worry, but please try not to. The Government are CHANGING THE NAME OF DLA so, in a way, everyone’s D.L.A payments have already or will be stopped. The benefit is now called PIP (for Personal Independent Payment).

Hopefully, the letter you had is just the start of you applying for PIP.

Good luck

Bl%dy el Sue, I’ve just used an hour of research, checking, typing and correcting, trying to help our birthday boy Charlie (using the old I for 'im & E for 'er to differentiate genders, ahem).

Motability is a bit of a minefield when renewal is betwixt & between DLA & PIP but after I’ve read the rules a few dozen times, it’s not too bad.

Fortunately for Charlie, Motability are very experienced during the renewal phase & I’m glad you’ve pointed out the Qualifiers of Repeat & Safe.

Charlie, let’s face it, M.S isn’t going to get better yet, so good luck & enjoy planning your journeys later in your new car.

I find a few M.S minds are better than 1. Sue loves a G&T if you’re getting the booze out later.


thank you for the reply Chrissie, will give them a ring to see if they can help. Charlie

Quick update, the form has been returned to the DWP, I have had the text telling me they have it so just another wait to see what they decide. I used all of the advice given, thank you all for your thoughts, Safely, reliably, timely and repetition were key elements of all the answers that I felt needed to provide, as you might guess, they were all of the “i am unable to” variety. I will let you all know what the outcome is Charlie

Everything’s crossed Charlie x