my turn!

Hallo all my buddies.

Well the postie brought me my brown envelope and letter today.

Afraid I thought at my age, I might be left alone with the changes from incapacity benefit to ESA. Who was I trying to kid! I immediately telephoned my neurologist`s secretary to ask for a report on me. I was told that the DWP have to request this. So I will tell them to do that when they phone me.

Im now waiting for ``the phonecall. Just in readiness, I`ve drafted my particulars, for prospective employers…

Applicant…Polly aka Boudica

Age…60…for chuff`s sake!

Health…after investigations by 13 neurologists, having had 4 MRis, 2 LPs, 2 EMGs, a VEP, approximately 15 gallons of blood taken for a huge variety of tests, botox in spastic muscles, examinations by continence nurses, district nurses, podiatrists, GPs, extensive hearing tests, cardiac tests, changes of diagnoses from Primary Progressive MS to Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis and back again, it is now comfirmed that this lady is disabled!!!.

Facilities needed in workplace…Changing Places toilet MUST be installed to allow 2 carers to hoist me onto changing table to clean me and change my clothes, several times a day if necessary.

As I am almost totally deaf in right ear, work station must block out noise as I have difficulty in hearing the telephone, and conversation.

I am a full time wheelchair user, so all access must be wheelchair friendly.

Back to me talking to you now.

I have done the self assessment test from Benefits and Work group and scored 45 points. I know that DWP may well come up with a different score, so i`m not complacent with my scoring.

So there you go, guys. I`m just waiting now.

Even if I am not put into the WRAG group, I still feel very anxious and concerned that all the stress will make me ill.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, I’m so sorry to hear that. Somehow knowing that you hadn’t had your ‘call up’ papers yet made me feel more secure. I haven’t got mine yet.

I’m so pleased you are member of Benefits and Work. Remember to follow their guide to fill in the form.

I have heard that more and more very disabled people are getting put straight into support group without having to attend the assessment… so my fingers are firmly crossed for you Poll. With those points you shouldn’t have a problem.

Pat x

Poll,you could always come and work for me,don’t know what as,but if I ever have problems with the Druids again,you’re first up.Oh,m something that may be of use for you or anybody is that for £30 ARGOS do a natty little dictaphone which easily picks up the other side of a speaker- phone conversation or an appointment with an ‘exspert’

I’ve recorded every ‘official’ phone call recently,but keep forgeting to tell the other side. MS, middle age or morphine,take your pick.

You’ll be alright,

Wb xx

Good luck Polly,

They had better not even dare think about putting you anywhere but in the support group, and hopefully without having a face to face.

Hilary x

Now I know where I can find a job, eh? Do you really want this knock kneed knackered old nose bag to work for you? (her off Pledges Pickles, now what was her name?)

luv Pollx

luv Pollx

yeh, I know you`ll be joining the 60+ club this year, eh?

Why cant they just leave us Golden Girls to our retirement in peace (and good funds)

luv Pollx