Motorbility (benefits)

I am interested in getting a car on motorbility scheme.

Hown does anyone manage to live on the other benefits alone?

I don’t work.No money from that and I am at the moment trying to see why my income support has stopped, so even less money at the moment.

I am on higher rate for mobility, middle for care. I also have incapacity benefit and income support (well should).


Sorry, I cant comment on getting by financially as I am lucky enough to be still at work.

Regarding your income support stopping ? Have you recently been re-assessed for Employment & Support Allowance. It is possible that an error has been made and income support has been stopped whilst going through the process.

Have you changed address and the DWP have an old address ?

It should be straight forward to rectify it.

Take care



If you recieve high rate mobility, you qualify for a motability car. They have a website, which can tell you more.

Luisa x

Living on benefits is not easy. Anyone who thinks it’s a cushy number should give it a try. If you get a car on the motability scheme all (or at best most) of your DLA mobility component will go – only you know if that is livable.

Please chase up your IS. If you ring DWP they should be able to explain why your entitlement has changed. If you don’t get any sense out of them or disagree with what it said I would advise going to your local CAB who can investigate on your behalf.


Thanks for all the help.

I have looked into IS a problem because I have recently moved, I told them new address, info wasn’t changed to different office!