Pip assessment, and being denied

Just been told my pip assessment has come back with normal care and mobility, from enhanced dla, my car is going, I’m not going to contest it, it was difficult enough in the 1st place. My issue is that because I can walk between 20 and 50m I can’t claim motability. Ok fine, but when I look on the motability website, I see cars that if the government had its way, no person would be able to get in and out of! So if someone gets full pip, and then chooses a supermini, or mazda mx5 for instance how on earth can they get in it? Where does their wheelchair go? This isn’t just aimed at people with Ms, but in general. A chap over the road from me has a vw transporter modified , powered wheel chair, the lot, but he can still stand up and wash his car! Anotherchap, walks down with his stick, not using his stick! A lady my mother knows put on an Oscar performance, still goes upstairs to bed, and downstairs to her car and is now dancing around her living room This whole pip situation seems odd to me. Any thoughts

hi john

this is YOUR fight.

you can win back your proper entitlement but you have to fight for it.

make an appointment to see someone from welfare rights, or CAB.

they will go through your form with you and show you where you lost points.

this will enable you to complete it in a better way next time.

it is a total ball ache all that paperwork but you can do it.

stop comparing yourself to other people.

my claim had to go to tribunal but the decision made by the DWP was overturned in my favour.

tribunals are run by legal bods not the DWP.

once your paperwork is done without losing points, you will be on a winner.

we have to be warriors.

come on now, paint yourself blue (braveheart) and roar into battle.

And the rule is that you should be able to walk 20 to 50 metres reliably, safely and repeatedly. Not once then have a sit down to rest and recover before doing it again.

I know it’s bloody hard work just filling in the form and you feel like chucking in the towel, but honestly, if you do the self test on and think maybe you could argue that you should be entitled to the enhanced rate on Daily Living or Mobility, then get some help from the CAB or another welfare benefit advisor and request at least a Mandatory Reconsideration.

Just don’t forget, a lot of it is about the evidence you can provide to back up your claim.


A lady in my local advice centre told me that she appealed one of her clients cases and got it overturned so she could get a mobility car, so I wouldn’t give up on it totally.

I would appeal. I would also get some help with the forms from your local MS branch or perhaps CAB.