Motirbility advice

As i have been having to have day’s off/leave work early recently i’m not making that much money (losing £100+ a month) i have been briefly told about motorbility and getting a car cheaper than i am paying right now on the one i have (£315 a month, i know crazy right, but i love the car) I NEED a car to get to and from places especially since it has become harder for me to walk long distances, i was just wondering does anybody know what i would need to be entitled to this? I have been told that i would require to have a disabled badge is this true? Anything else?

Thankyou for any replies, comments and advice

Hello Kevin

You need to be getting DLA for the highest level of mobility. This will entitle you to a blue badge if you want one. It will cost the full amount of your DLA allowance-any decent car will, and there may be a fee to pay up front. It’s worth exploring the gov and motability web sites.

I got a Mondeo which was £1800 up front. If you also qualify for DLA on the domestic level, they won’t touch that!

Cheers, Steve.