The DVLA is like some lazy soporific pig which needs to be kicked repeatedly in order to remove it from the sofa of lethargy and shake it into life. For the second time in succession I have had to wait over two months before my licence is returned after the regular health statements. I need it for renewing my motability car in May. If any of you find yourself in the same position, it seems as though the natural course of administrative action needs some rather strongly worded help before it slowly lumbers into gear. “We’re very busy” they say. My arxe.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Hope you had a good Sunday Steve.

Who knows why these places are so damned slow!

My GP has referred me to OT for wheelchair but have been told it might be months before I hear anything. Why? Well I assume it’s cuts as per usual. Loads of their staff have been laid off. Not sure if the same with DVLA.

Pat x

Hi Pat I was lucky I was referred for my wheelchair and it only took about a month for my appointment so fingers crossed it will be the same for you. I know what you mean Steve it is almost like they want you to have something else to worry about we do all that is expected of us and we still get hassle. Chin up mate dont let the B**tards grind you down Mark

I am going to defend te DLA I used to sell cars and when registering new cars I would go to the local DVLA ofice in Maidstone. Often the queue’s were out the dor and half way round the block. Last time I went was to register my car as disabled and I had spent ages in the line and when I had my turn I had to return the tax disc the girl escorted me back to the car with a brolly keeping me dry and got the disk finishe dthe paper work and bade me good bye. She saved me a trip of hundreds of yards and was delightful I even wrote to the manager saying how good she had been to me. Sorry if you have had a bad experience but in my case I have always found them more than helpfull