Curtesy car

well not sleeping well - so thought I’d post on here. Took car to garage for service and mot. Car has failed mot and is going to cost approx £1.5k to fix. Needless to say I’m a bit p******* off. Especially as spent small fortune last year. Luckily I’ve been given a curtesy car so at least I’ve wheels to get to work Monday. The last couple of weeks have really grated. Finally got response from DVLA and as expected will get 3 year renewable licence. It really gets me thou when they send you a letter saying you must return the declaration and normal licence within 2 weeks otherwise they may revoke your licence. Anyhow I phoned them up said this was not possible as I’d booked my car in and needed licence to get curtesy car, whilst on the phone I said I thought giving people a two week limit (which as all you folk will know is from the day they print the letter) was unreasonable as you could be away. His response was- well we have to try to get a speedy response! That’s a laugh - it’s taken four months to get this far! And they know your safe to drive otherwise they wouldn’t issue a licence. Grhhhh.

So, to the title of the thread. Whilst having a curtesy car is great I’m really struggling getting out of it as the seat is so low compared to my car. I’m not looking forward to parking at work as the spaces are so narrow, in this car I really need the car door fully open to get out - looks like I might get stuck in the car park all day! This has made me think, if I need to replace my car in the future what should I look for to make it as future proof as possible considering I’ve now got ms. Can all cars be adapted for mobility aids? at the moment I don’t need them but it would be a real bugger to get a new car and find that it wasnt possible. Hope you lot don’t think I’m dull - but it’s not something I’ve thought of before.

Also had my OH assessment with work -felt more of an interrogation than looking at ways work could assist. It’s not as if I’ve had loads of sick either ( two weeks). Just have to see what the report says. Then another joyous meeting to look forward to with HR to discuss the “way forward “.

Back to bed now to see if I can get more zzzz’s. Hoping I will after I’ve unburdened myself here. Sorry for the rant but my chocolate supplies have been extinguished!