DVLA transaction cancelled ?

Hi everyone i recently applied to have my old paper licence changed to a photo one.i told the dvla i had ms so they sent me the medical forms to fill in .i filled them in and sent them off i originally started my application on line so i,ve just been back online to track its progress.It now says transaction cancelled no licence from this i can only presume i will not be getting a licence,though my nuero has never told me to give up driving.the other daft thing is that my mother recently renewed my dads licence simply so they could use it purely for id purposes ,but my father is 87 had 3 heart attacks and suffers from mild dementia and he got his licence . my mam wrote all of his medical history down too he had no problem with the dvla at all.seemed mad to me at the time now it seems even madder.

It could be that since you mailed in the forms the online transaction was cancelled? I’d give them a ring and see what’s up.

Hope this helps.

Could it be that since you started on-line, and then sent in the paper forms, that this is why the online transaction has been cancelled. I have come across another Government form that you can fill in online - but has to be completed in 14 days.

I started writing this and dave38 replied on the same theme before I finished. Take his advice and phone.

The ways and wherefores of the DVLA are at the extreme end of bureauocracy, so now they have paper to deal with, they will take just as long as they take - do not hold your breath.


I got quite a harsh letter from DVLA threatening to revoke my licence… this was about 6-8 weeks after I’d surrendered my licence to them!

Yes, do phone them, they sound like they’re pretty atrocious at sitting on paperwork and it seems there’s a massive lack of communication between different departments.

I called them and said “Yes, go ahead revoke it ,as if you don’t have it then somone else may be using it illegally!”, the chap I spoke to, in a round about fashion told me to hold fire and he’d make a note I’d returned it and he also suggested that surrendering was far better than having it revoked… and guess what, 3 weeks later I received a letter thanking me for surrendering my licence.

Hope you work it out with them

Sonia x

thats odd, to say its better to surrender than revoke? I have a lot of balance problems, due to Ménière’s disease. I completed the medical forms they requested and my licence was revoked for 3 months and I have to be free of dizziness/vertigo for at least 3 months before I can apply again. If surrendering is better should I just have sent my licence back and said I had Ménière’s disease and not completed medical form?


They revoked my licence and I am still waiting for their decision since reapplying in April. I am going to phone again as the have had another 3 months since I last called and said it could be 12 weeks. I didn’t have my dx when it was revoked thanks to GP saying my symptoms couldn’t be explained. Before I reapplied both GP and neuro said I was fit to drive when I have asked them. Barney

When I surrendered my license, many years ago now so it might have changed, I was told that when I was medically fit to drive again, I could. ie one year since last seizure. Even if I’d sent the forms off, been told I’d get my license back but not actually recieved the license in the post.

If I’d waited until I was told by the DVLA to return my license I’d have to wait until the physical license arrived before I could drive.

I don’t know if that’s still the case, but it’s always worth checking with the DVLA!