DVLA question

Hi all I’ve sent back the dreaded medical form following my dx. I just wanted to know peoples experience of having licences revoked? I had optic neuritis in Oct/Nov and currently have loss of feeling in both feet. I’m expecting the worse but dreading it as I live in a small village and drive to work daily, plus driving as part of my job. Any experiences will be good to hear! Thanks, Lorna xx

Sorry for going anon but this is a bit too personal…I had my license revoked when I had an episode of hearing voices (side effects of a prescription medication) 4 years ago. I had to have 6 months without the voices before I could re-apply again. The next time I got my license it was for 1 year and the time after that was the standard 3 year license.

Hope this helps

hi i started the dvla process in october just had a letter fromthem saying they have now written to my nuero and it will be about another six weeks until i hear anything from them.it seems to be taking ages to sort outat the moment i have a lot of pain and my mobility is not too good but i try not to use the meds as it increases my weight which inturn in creases my joint pains .I am hoping my nuero will give me a good report as i really could do with my licence.hope everything works out ok for you.


I’ve just had a letter back from DVLA revoking my current license and giving me a three year one. I discussed this with my neuro at my last appt and was happy with that.

I don’t have any vision problems but suggest you discuss it with your neuro.

Bottom line is that if you are medically a danger to drive it’s not just your life you’re gambling with if the worst happens- sorry

Good luck