DVLA question

Hi all I’ve sent back the dreaded medical form following my dx. I just wanted to know peoples experience of having licences revoked? I had optic neuritis in Oct/Nov and currently have loss of feeling in both feet. I’m expecting the worse but dreading it as I live in a small village and drive to work daily, plus driving as part of my job. Any experiences will be good to hear! Thanks, Lorna xx

Hi Polar bear

How long did it take for the DVLA to finally get the three year licence out to you?

I have been waiting for about four months now and have only recieved a questionairre about having hand controls fitted to the different types of vehicles I might drive. Luckily, I don’t need any special controls fitted. I sent the form back a few weeks ago but have heard nothing.

Hello Lorna

DVLA revoked my license, due to side effects from drugs and other problems. I’d already stopped driving because I knew I wasn’t safe.

They got back to me within a couple of weeks of sending in the form.

All the best xxx

Thanks for the responses. I suppose it’s one thing getting my head around the dx but another losing that. Will wait and see :slight_smile: Xx

Like Blossom, I knew I wasn’t safe so I surrendered mine, my GP looked so relieved when I told him!

Sonia x

my licence was revoked due to dizziness and vertigo, I need to be at least 6 months free of symtoms before I can apply again. For me it was the best thing as I did not feel in control and was frightened of harming others. It did take about 4 wks after completing med form, I chased them by phone and could not get through, so I emailed them and got a answer within 48hrs, I think the email address is on there website.