This is the first time I have used the forum so I may have posted the message twice! When I got in from work today there was a letter from DVLA stating I would have to undergo a driving assessment. Has anybody gone through this before who could give me some advice? I know I would never pass a driving test!!! What actually happens in the driving assessment and is it cause for concern? Three years ago I only had to go to my GP then she responded to the DVLA, I don’t understand why the process has changed? Cheers Mark

Hi Mark

I had to go for one when I renewed my 3 year license. Its not a driving test! The whole thing took about 90 minutes, I had a driving instructor and someone medical. The first thing they did was take me into a room and check my reactions - this was basically watching something on a screen and tapping a pedal everytime the picture changed. We then went out for a drive (in their car - I wasnt allowed to drive my own) and thats literally all it was - driving around a town for about 45 minutes. There were no emergency stops, parking tests or anything like that - the instructor just tells you which way to go and thats it. I was so nervous in mine I sat at a green traffic light for about 3 minutes!! But it was all fine - they then wrote to the DVLA said there were no concerns about my driving and that was that!

These assesments are things that anyone can apply (and pay) to do. When I was there alot of older people had put themselves forward to see if they were safe to drive. It was really nothing to worry about after I got so worked up about it.

Good look - I did mine with Wessex Drivability, the only thing I didnt really like was driving around a town I didnt know.


I have had two, the first I requested and paid for myself to get Motorbility to change their mind and let me renew. (I’d had several claims when I was under a lot of stress and was deteriorating in a very difficult job). That was difficult assessment because the assessor was an idiot. I had loads of cognitive tests to do before I drove in a totally unfamiliar area and this guy was sitting next to me persisting with the cognitive tests - one was to count backwards from 100 whilst I was looking at signposts trying to find the location he had told me to get to. I passed but Motorbility wouldn’t budge. Now the above will sound scary to you BUT don’t panic. Because when the DVLA arranged an assessment a few years ago at a driving centre near me it was totally different. Very easy. No cognitive testing and completely non threatening, the assessor tried hard to put me at ease. Another guy ( I don’t know who he was!) came too and I could have someone I knew in the car too so I had my husband, which was a good move because I was so freaked that unless he had passed me the seat belt, I’d have driven off without it! Despite it being a few miles from me, it was an area of London I never go to so I had several trips driving around there with my friends or husband to reassure me and make it more familiar. With one friend I did the scariest roundabout in the world several times. But the actual assessment was a piece of cake. So don’t be worried, make sure you have an idea of the area to prepare yourself really. Remember it isn’t a driving test - to be honest most of us who have been driving for years woukd struggle with one of those as we pick up so many bad habits over the years. But as this is merely an assessment not a test so… You’ll be fine. Susi