Driving medical examination

Hi all, I have to book an appointment to have a medical examination, as requested by DVLA, in order for them to decide to give me a driving license. Had a relapse 2yrs ago, thus license was revoked. Bit worried, what does the examination entail? And who is it done by? Has anybody had one?




The DVLA - contacted my GP - who filled in details of my 'disability'. l now can only drive an automatic car - luckily, lt is my left leg that l have no movement in - right one is ok. lf both legs are effected then you need hand controls only.  l was on a short term license - 3yrs - then they allowed me a longer license.

As long as your eye-sight is not effected - and you can move your head from side to side fairly quickly - l think you will be alright. When l apply for car insurance - you just need to 'tick' the 'DVLA lnformed' section.

Hope this has put your mind at rest.


Thank you campion for ur reply. 

I was on a 3yr license before too, but since the relapse, they decided to revoke it at renewal time. 

Oh ok i didnt know about the  the 'DVLA lnformed' section. I've never noticed that b4, so will look out for it. 

Thanks for that, yes it has a bit stop me from worrying, so dont they test ur hand, leg movements?


I have had a DVLA assessment in December. I have to renew my licence every year and this year they wanted t he assessment.  

I rang the place that sent me the appointment and they gave me number of test centre, which then gave me the assessors mobile.  I only got it the day before my test and he rang me back and was very reassuring.

On the day my husband sat behind me and the assessor next to me.  However I th ink he was also being assessed and he asked if the other guy could come too and so he sat next to my husband.

So three men in a car intimidating!!  

But in the end I did ok - got about 8 As and 3 Bs which made up an overall B and I got my licence without them wanting me to have refresher classes.  It is still only for another year but i think it unlikely that they will automatically test me again so soon.

Main thing is being aware of the mirror, signal, manoeuvre and distance from other cars.  These are what I got my Bs for.

Assessor was very nice and it wasnt too bad and experience,

Good luck with yours  - just have plenty of practice driving around the test centre area - maybe wth a friend or partner.  Build up your confidence and you should be fine.

Susis x





I did an assessment, but I did it voluntarily without it being requested by the DVLA so I don't know if there'll be a difference. It started off with a quick neurological examination (the same that my neuro has done on me plenty of times) and a Q&A with an occupational therapist. Then I drove some different cars to try different hand controls. Everyone was very supportive and not intimidating, and there was plenty of opportunity to rest when I needed it. I found it a really helpful time, very positive. Youcould always ask them what's involved when you book the assessment.

Hope that helps


thanku for all ur replies i will read them later when im free, as just woke up, and its toooo cold..

thanku rebecca, susi, and he_funk.  yes i remember now on websites it says dvla informed, and we tick it.

gave the forms to my docs yesterday, and they going to take 1week to sort it out, my docs are sooooooo slowwwww at this normal? 

Its a medical examination that i am to have, and then theres a form to fill of the test centre. is there different kinds of assessments?

Also wonder if u have to take ur own car.

from reading the replies seems like there are different types of tests.

oh well i just wait and see which one i get.