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Has anyone had a driving assessment to keep 3 their year licence, if so what was it like & was it hard to pass?

Thanks for any replies

I’ve renewed my 3 year medical licence twice and not been asked to sit an assessment.

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Hi, recently got my licence back after 7 MTH carry on, trouble as I had bad relapse last year and stopped driving for over a year, and so couldn’t tick all the boxes to say I was same to drive as before. Nearly all that time was spent waiting on and chasing DVLA. I thought they would send me to driving assessment to use special controls but in the end they suddenly sent me a letter saying I was to have a driving assessment with my to. This turned out to be a 10 min appointment with GP where he filled in a form with very basic questions about my ms. Dr out in about my leg weakness. Finally I got a new licence few reissued few weeks later with no mention of all the forms filled in or any precautions I should be taking. Glad to have my licence back and at least choice of driving back in my hands. Made rule that I’m only allowed to drive 10 min max at a time. Have to say whole process is absolutely daft, I should have had a proper full drivin assessment but I think hospital that does those assessments is totaly overrun and couldn’t get them to answer the phone. So think u will only be sent to your GP unless you are already using car with special controls or your condition has changed massively in last 3 yrs. Good luck, froo

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I only started to learn to drive after I had MS. I decided to have an assessment voluntarily before starting to learn at an assessment centre near Derby. They were really good. An OT did a bit of a physical, to check what I could and couldn’t do. Then I got to try out 3 different types of hand controls. I had a really positive experience, everyone was supportive and I could take as many breaks as I wanted. One of them said their aim was to see what I needed to help me drive safely, not to look for reasons to stop me. I’ve never needed an assessment again whenever I renew.



Hi again, Have not been allowed to drive for over a year now, the saga of my driving licence renewal is that Neurology says they didn’t receive the 3 yr renewal form from dvla & dvla say they didn’t receive the renewal request back from Neurology twice (over six months) so my licence was revoked. It then automatically goes to dvla doctors to make a decision based on what info they have on me, so they’ve stated to get it back they want me to go on a driving assessment that they will pay for…but they insist I have got to have driving lessons prior to having an assessment (which I have got to pay for which are more than the cost of driving assessment!!!) but now everywhere is in lock down (Covid) which I understand.

I’m just so frustrated as the only driving I’ll be doing is to see GP & drive 3 miles to see my 80 & 81 year old parents & go to ms drop in centre.

Sorry for rant, has anyone else had similar problems???

Thanks for any replies

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I had to have a full assessment after failing a medical with my GP requested by the DVLA . I went to a specialised testing centre where I had to drive a simulator for testing braking reflex , then cognitive testing ,an eye test then a test drive with the instructor . I failed a couple of the assessments so am now unable to drive I could appeal to my consultant to request the opportunity to take my full text again but I have lost confidence as have had optic neuritis in my left eye for over a year now . Am very lucky living in a small town with shops within walking distance and friends who are shopoholics like me who are more than willing to take me out and about , plus I have disability parking which makes me popular .


Hi there,

I know the post I’m replying to is a few months old but I’m looking for others who are in a similar situation as myself. I’m learning to drive, yet I haven’t told my instructor about my MS. I have been diagnosed about 3 years ago and I don’t feel MS has affected me in a physically limiting way.
But I do feel at times ( and been told by instructor) my spatial awareness/ orientation isn’t great. I’ve been this way as far as I can remember (Clumsy accident prone) even as a child.

I’m really keen to get a license as a mother of 3 kids, but it’s not easy when you’re 40 years old.

You have told DVLA you have MS haven’t you?

I haven’t yet, I want to learn and pass as anyone else. Although the sense of responsibility for informing the DVLA is weighing heavily on my conscience.
Would it mean I am treated differently during my test or when I apply for car insurance?

Thank you.

You must inform them, it’s a legal requirement.

Most people with MS are given a 3 year licence and usually get it renewed easily provided symptoms haven’t progressed too much. I drove with hand controls for many years.
As far as insurance is concerned they are not allowed to charge you extra but you must inform them otherwise your insurance is invalid. They are usually happy provided DVLA are okay with it. The test would be exactly the same as far as I know.
I understand your desire to pass but please inform DVLA and your instructor otherwise you are breaking the law and libel for any costs in the case of an accident.

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Hi anon #1 As anon #2 says, you MUST tell the DVLA. This is a legal requirement and failure to do so will result in a hefty fine. They’ll send you a medical form to complete, asking for details on symptoms and your doctors’ contact details. You’ll probably just be given a 3 year licence, without the need for an assessment. That can take a while to reply though, depending on how quick you’re doctors give them the details the need. You’ll be treated no differently on your test though. If the DVLA say you’re fit to drive, then that’s all that matters. You must tell your instructor though, and stop having lessons as you’re driving illegally. And when you pass, you must tell your insurance company. They mustn’t charge extra, but failure to tell them could invalidate you’re insurance. I’m sorry that’s not what you want to hear, and will delay things. But when it comes to being in control of a ton of speeding metal on the open road, you have to be responsible and consider others. But when you do get the green light from the DVLA, go for it! Dan

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Thank you guys ,

My queries have been answered in detail by you both. I’m glad I logged in for this information.

All the best.

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Dan is right -

You wont be charged more by the Insurance Companies because of the m.s. but you must tell the DVLA.

Some Insurance Companies don’t even ask if you have any health issues. (I always make point of informing them that I do have a health issue but the DVLA know and have issued me with a licence.)

Please inform the DVLA about your MS. Be legal! Think of others especially your family!

You are driving illegally so no insurance cover and no licence.

No you are not treated any differently than a non MS person. But you will have the book thrown at you plus a ÂŁ1000 fine for not declaring your MS if found out.

Thank you all for your replies.

I will be informing them straight away, as I said it has been weighing heavily on my conscience, I just wanted clarity on the implications of declaring. As some of you may know, lockdown has delayed and interrupted driving lessons and tests so I am still waiting for things to normalise to resume. It gives me some extra time I suppose.

Thank you again