DVLA Medical

Hello Everyone, I have been requested by the DVLA to attend a 30 minute medical with my GP and was wondering what to expect? What do they do? I am a bit worried as I’ve never had one before. Any information would be great. Thanks Samantha

Hi, I have never had one of these but when I apply to renew my driving license every 3 years, my GP usually rings me and asks a series of questions which I presume are on the form they have to complete. Maybe your GP is able to help with phone call asking what they have been asked to do ?

I had a DVLA medical interview years ago, but it wasn’t with my GP. It was with one specified by the DVLA. The doctor asked questions about how my condition affected me, with the aim of deciding if I was safe driving. At the time I was in the middle of a really bad relapse and didn’t care whether I kept my licence. The doctor kept asking the questions till I gave him the answers he wanted. I was passed as clear to drive.

Just seen this; when my first three-year license was up for renewal, I was called to the doctor’s surgery, and was worrying myself unduly (I’d be lost without a driving licence) - but GP’s appointment consisted mostly of ‘How have you been? How many fingers am I holding up? What’s the registration of that blue car in the car park?’ and nothing much more than that…I confirmed no problems with eyesight etc and the DVLA knew about it, and he signed the forms for a five-year licence renewal this time. Nothing to panic about…

Thanks for your reply, I go on Thursday will find out then as I am required to go in. Hope you are well :relaxed:

Thanks for your reply, I go on Thursday, hopefully it will go well. Hope you are well :relaxed:

Thank you for your reply, I hope mines goes straight forward like yours. Hope you are well