Hi I have applied to renew my three year driving licence and the DVLA have said I have to have a medical with my doctor. If you have gone through one can you let me know what to expect ? My doctor has allocated a 30 appointment.

hi georgina

my 3 year licence was due to be renewed.

when i asked DVLA they sent me a self assessment form to fill in, with the name of my GP.

after contacting him they returned a 5 year licence.

don’t think i need it because my PIP application came back with lower rate so the car will have to go back!

i have appealed and it will have to go to tribunal and i don’t hold out much hope.

so annoying because i have been wearing myself out exercising and for what???

carole x

I was called to my doctors w.r.t the renewal of my 3 year licence - I went to his office, taking the pee sample that had been requested (didn’t know why), GP said “How have you been? How many fingers am I holding up? What’s the registration of that blue car in the car park? And what’s this pee sample for?”. I said to him “I dunno, but when I phoned for this appointment they told me you needed one!”. Turned out it was a mess-up by GPs reception - they had me down as an HGV driver (!! - I work in an office and drive a desk all day) and I could see why they needed a medical for that! I confirmed no problems with eyesight etc, and no sugar in my pee, and he recommended that my licence be renewed for 5 years, which it has been. Phew.

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