One year for renewal of driving licence

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Hi there. I thought you might be interested to know. It has taken the DVLA 10 days short of one year to renew my licence. Just an ordinary renewal. From the government we site it says you can still drive up to a year after yr licence has expired. Check it out. For the last year, i have tried phoning, emailing etc DVLA. I wish you luck with it.

OMG, that’s crazy! The man told me I can carry on driving under Section 88 BUT I HAVE to have my GP’s OK. I await Monday morning to see what happens when I go back to the GP on Monday morning.

A year was the longest I had to wait too, though I think that’s because my neuro gave them some wrong info. Quickest I had was 3 months, but it’s normally 6-9 months for me


Mine runs out though and the DVLA said that my GP has to say i can drive, he won’t do it without a form and he charges £150 to fill it in as its not covered by the NHS apparently :cry:

@Jem69 Wow, that is both shocking and absolutely disgusting… worth a letter to your local MP maybe?

I know, I’m sooooo mad but dont feel like I’ve got a choice as if I don’t have my GP’s OK to drive, my licence is invalid :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:. I even rang the MS Society today and they’d never heard of it. I feel like it’s just me, seriously thining of changing my doctors!!! Yes I could do, never thought of that although I dont know if I’ve got the fight in me. I don’t even want to look the GP in the face next week, I’m so angry but will just keep quiet as I want him to fill my form in!

Is there another doctor at the practice you could see instead?

Funnily enough, he’s the only doctor in the practice who can do it? Screwed arent I? I rang the MS Society for advice, I’ve left a message on their legal departments answer machine. Unfortunately, they take 3 days to get back in touch so it will be too late as my appointment is on Tuesday plus I’m at work so am restricted to when they can call me back. Still fuming about it all!

Well, well, well. Would you believe that the GP receptionists got it all wrong. I didn’t need a form filled in, I didn’t need a private appointment and I didn’t need to pay £150 for a medical. Just been to the GP for my “private” appointment and he said he thinks there are crossed wires and I just needed an appointment with him so he could have a chat, look at my medical records, check blood pressure etc. PHEW!!!

Funnily enough, that’s exactly what I asked for in the 1st place. Whilst I’m pleased that I didn’t have to pay out for a medical, I’m also fuming because of the stress that I’ve had over this………and stress is just what I don’t need PLUS I had to ask for time off work.

You live and learn don’t you so I’ll be ready when it’s up for renewal again………that’s IF I ever receive my new driving licence :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

@JEM69 Glad you got it sorted in the end, despite all the unnecessary stress the receiptionist caused you. Perhaps point out to the practice manager that they really should not be giving patients incorrect information…!