DLA driving assessment

Hi all After waiting 9 months for the reassessment for my 3 year driving licence, I have finally received notice that I must undergo a driving reassessment at a test centre. Has anyone undergone this? It’s 26 years since I passed my test and 23 years since my last bump. I am probably daft worrying but the car is critical to work & independence. Appreciate anyone’s experience. Thanks Neil

No help here, sorry, but best of luck if you need to go through with it.


No help here, sorry, but best of luck if you need to go through with it.



I went for a voluntary assessment in Derby so I could try out different hand controls.They were very helpful at the assessment centre, very understanding and happy for me to take as much time over things as I needed. I felt very supported by them, rather than feeling like they were wanting to find reasons to fail me.

Hope it goes well.


I have no personal experience but remember conversation along the lines of Dan’s experience. It was a chap I served when working so is a lifetime ago. Don

Hi Neil

Yes I went on one after the DVLA made me (1st time renewing 3 year I didnt have to do this, 2nd time I did). I really worked myself up about it - but it was absolutely fine.

Its not a driving test, they dont want you to park in a bay, reverse around corners or anything. The first thing I had to do was a reactions test, that was on a laptop and you press a peddle when the lights change, or a flash appears - took about 10 minutes. Then we just went for a 30 minute drive (in a dual controlled car - you cant take your own). When we got back they told me they would be informing the dvla that they had no issues with my driving. I had 2 people on my drive, I believe one is like a driving instructor and one was a medical professional.

It really wasnt worth me working myself up about and was very relaxed, I was nervous and did silly little things like waiting at a green light after it had changed from red, but they are just making sure you can control a car properly. I did mine with Wessex drivability. Like someone has mentioned above, these are things that you can apply to go on by yourself or the DVLA can make you go on one.

Good Luck!


This is something I have been having nightmares over but it sounds like I should not worry too much…I only drive on “good” days so the problem would be if the day of the assessment was a “bad” day :frowning: