motability car order

Hi ,just been looking for a motability car ,thought vw golf automatic,put a deposit down but now told that could be approx 6 mths to wait!car is automatic diesel.

Is this the norm wait time ,i need an automatic and diesel to keep fuel costs low.Just sems a long time to wait ,what cars do people have and how long did you wait to get your vehicles.

thanks for any advice

VW let me down as well. They said there was a long lead time on the automatic gear boxes. The garage just kept extending the time. I decided I couldn’t wait any longer, cancelled the order and ordered a Ford Galaxy which we got in about 6 weeks.I;m sure there’ll be other makes and models you can get more quickly

Sarah x

Hi, I was going to get a vw sharan or touran but the wait was at least 4 months! Couldn’t wait that long so decided on a Honda CRV which was only about two weeks delivery as I wasn’t bothered about the colour. My sister has just ordered a vw up! (not mobility) and she was quoted 6 months delivery as well! I’m too impatient to wait that long! My husband has a diesel vw touran and it does 45/50mpg around town, possibly 55 on a run so very economical and comfortable and reliable - so could be worth the wait for a Golf! My CRV needs far too many trips to the petrol station! Good luck with your decision making x

I have just this week got a nissan juke. I had to wait 2 months but it came exactly on time. Hope you get something sorted x

I to got a Nissan Note and waited about 6 weeks and it was on time.

Wish you luck.



Hmmmm… wonmdering how this situation turned out… I want a VW (Petrol though) Golf 1.4… but I seem to be reading a LOT about stupidly long wait times!! Even though the VW Motability website states “No waiting lists”


I got a Nissan Juke on motability in about 4 weeks last September. However, that was a manual gearbox but I now need hand-controls which can only be fitted to an automatic.

Initially looked at replacing it (reluctantly) with a VW as I don’t like the Nissan auto box (…personal preference) but was warned that there would be a long wait of about 6 months, which I found unacceptable.

Went to a different manufacturer and was given a lead time of 2-3 months, which I grudgingly accepted (…having just spent 3 weeks researching the most suitable vehicles).

New car now at dealer and currently having hand-controls fitted ready for collection next week

It seems like the wait is longer for German cars, but I’ve read about lead-times for any vehicle varying wildly depending on location !!

Best of luck!


Hi,I’ve just got a Honda Jazz auto’,not a diesel and it took four weeks.Great car,did you order hand controls cos Motability will fit them free,probably cos they’ll get the car VAT free with adaptations.I don’t use them at the moment but who knows what’s around the corner.Talk later Dave.

By the way if you have hand controls fitted you have to ask for a steering wheel ball fitting cos they are extra to hand controls.My Motability advisor forgot to mention this and I ended up paying for a quick release one myself,fifty quid,broke my heart.Dave.


I too have a VW [automatic] petrol - [60 plate] and I ordered this 6 months in advance. Had the same problem with my VW [57 plate], so I knew this would be an issue. Perhaps this depends on where you live/order from? However, I do rate the car highly in all areas… and it ‘serves’ my needs, so I guess it’s worth the wait! I will probably go for the same next time, but will start looking 6 months before this contract comes to an end [just to be safe!].

Let us know what you have decided.


Hmm, VW are hurting me!! Just have to hope and pray they’ve randomly got one there ready LOL (of course not going to happen)

Will wait until I speak to the dealer here and see what they say… Im in Birmingham btw.


I got a 60 plate golf auto diesel with just the usual wait time back in 2010.

Things sound to have changed since then.


My mum bought me a manual Ford Fiesta last year when my Vauxhall Astra failed its MOT and the insurance is astronomical. Next year when my insurance rons out I am thinking of getting an automatic nissan Juke. They look so nice and I really want one as well as thiking an automatic will be easier to drive. I think I am gonna order it November.

Do those who have paid a deposit know If you pay the deposit when you order the car or when you collect it?

…and do you keep getting your allowance until the car arrives?


The Juke is - in my opinion - a fabulous looking car, and the slightly incrreased height of an SUV can make it a lot easier to get in and out (if that matters to you?) and offers a great view of the road.

However, Nissan’s version of an auto gearbox - the “CVT” - doesn’t suit everyone (…can be a bit high-revving and hold onto gears too long), so I’d take one for a test-drive first before deciding if it’s right for you.

And then, be sensible enough to look at alternative manufacturers if need be.

I love the look of the car (…not everyone does ) but now need an auto and don’t get with Nissan’s offering - so I reluctantly have to look elsewhere.

Best of luck!


Yes I too love the look of the Juke and the extra gizmos it has like keyless entry and push button start I also like the idea of a camera at the back to see where I am reversing.

I have never driven an automatic so will have to give it a try 1st anyway there is another car I like the look of too, the hyundi I20

I have got a year to make my mind up anyway so who knows.

hi peeps

generally u do have to wait for 3 months app for ur car. this is normal. however,when u ask for an automatic,or special adaptations,it prob will take longer. i got my new mob car augaug 11,and arrived earlier than i expected. however,that october we were in an accident(a woman turing right at a x roads turned without looking herself,and green light on we drove,and smashed into her. our car was a right off,and im still funny while in the car sometimes,very jumpy,lol.

our new car took 3 months to come. we had probs with a replacement car(1st no one would insure it,mine or thiers!) the other was a meriva(ours is a 3 door corsa!) then we got a hire car(paid for by my DLA mob comp) which was a seat. loved that one and may get one…lol

Hello I have only just been diognosed. Can somebody explain how the motobilty car scheme works?? How do you know if you are entitled to a car?

You need to be I receipt of the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance Emma, if you are then you qualify for a car.