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Has anyone else had problems ordering a VW Caddy WAV vehicle…

We signed for the car in March and were told it would be ready in June as soon as we signed the date was different. We now have a letter saying the build date “Not set in stone” maybe December…What is going on?

With hubby having problems transferring this is a big problem. The representative doesnt return our calls or reply to emails.

Getting very frustrating.


Sounds like you need a bit of shock treatment.

If I have problems like this I get on to my MP.

Sounds a bit drastic but it usually works.


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Two years ago, I was considering a Volkswagen Polo on Motability, partly because there’s a VW dealer just spitting-distance from home.

Even back then, there was a minimum 6-month wait for any VW. I phoned the VW garage and they confirmed the waiting time. It doesn’t surprise me at all that the wait time has increased and I fully expect that the waiting time for a WAV is even longer.

I found that wait completely unacceptable so I went with a different manufacturer (…part of the same group, supplying a car based on the ‘Polo’ but with a consideraby shorter lead-time).

Whoever told you that you could face a 3-month wait was probably basing that on info they had at the time. Any extended wait should be blamed on the actual manufacturer and an explanation demanded from them, rather than the motability agent themself !!

I would’ve hoped they could perhaps offer you a loan-vehicle while you wait ?


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Thanks all for your replies. We do have a VW Estate at present and manage with a transfer board. I have phoned them again just now and the representative there is AWAY from the desk AGAIN… Maybe I am not the only one been on the phone chasing.

I’ve had a problem with VW too! The story is similar to Dom’s, we ordered a Touran and were told it would be a few weeks. It kept getting put back as there was a problem with the supply of automatic engines. We eventually cancelled it and went to a different manufacturer.

I sympathise with your problems and hope it gets resolved soon!

Sarah x

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