VW Caddy WAV car

Hi all,

After almost a year waiting for our WAV car it will hopefully be with us next week.

We are getting a VW Caddy Maxi Life…has anyone else had one ?



Why the long wait?



yes I have a VW caddy.

wheelchair loading and unloading is easy. The ramp is nice and wide which is good because I’m rubbish at going backwards!

the only drawback is that when I am in my wheelchair in the back I sometimes find it hard to hear what the driver and/or front seat passengers are saying. My granddaughter is in a rear facing child seat though so we have nice conversations!!!

Cant believe you waited so long, I hope it is successful for you


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Yes it finally arrived yesterday…Their excuse was the build date moving all the time and then conversion was on time… Who know

The winch is electric and only tried it once yesterday.

The question I wanted to ask was how do you cope with on street parking and coming out of the back and space…I guess carparks are ok.


Just started enjoying my “drive from” Caddy which arrived a week or two ago. In relation to parking, I tend to head to car-parks rather than on-street. Out of town shopping places are good or I guess multi-storeys. I did ask whether it was ok to lower the ramp where there was a kerb behind and told it was ok, so you could back against the pavement if they were on-street 90degree bays , but I would be wary of opening the back and dropping the ramp where there are pedestrians as mine does this automatically and my view of the back is limited.


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