WAV cars

Hi there…My hubby at presents transfers from his wheelchair into the passenger side of the car with a banana board but it is getting harder for him. We are due to renew our car and think the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles are the best bet. Which have you got and what do you recommend? I cant seem to carriage return on this message sorry

hi lushcaz. my freind has a Constables WAV im an EX machine enginere and well imprssed with his!! other peaple do convert and addapt but this one is fine. good luck


Unfortunately Constables are no more but there are lots of other WAV converters out there. Don’t worry if they are not in your part of the country because they are willing to send a car to you. (My current WAV came from the Automotive group who are in Newcastle but they were happy to demo cars to me here in Yorkshire)

The Motability website is the best place to start. They have lots of information about choosing a WAV. We have a VW Caddy but before this we had a Peugeot partner. The size/configuration you get tends to depend on who your usual passengers are.


Hi Jane,

A VW Caddy was one that we were thinking of…As well as hubby in his wheelchiar we have our grandson in his childseat so is there plenty of room for that?



I needed the caddy for my granddaughter’s child seat!

It’s super easy to get in with a wheelchair (the ramp is nice and wide) my only negative is that when I am sitting in the back (behind the two rows of seats) I find it hard to hear conversation from the front. I am looking at the intercoms that bikers use to sort this!

I 100% prefer a WAV to struggling to transfer into the passenger seat. It was dangerous to get me out of the car – its so much easier just to drive on and off.


That is one thing I have read about regarding not hearing the person in front.