Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Hi all,

I’m considering a WAC. The Renanlt Kangoo appears to be popular (based on the fact there are lots of them availabe), and also the Citreon Berlingo. Does anyone have any experience? Engine size? Petrol or diesel? Transmission?

Any thoughts appreciated,



Hi Ian I have a Suzuki 3 door, Grand Vitara. George fits in perfectly. And it’s a great car. Not that I’ve driven it for 6 months due to symptoms but hubby takes mine whenever we go out. He’s notoriously pedantic over cars and even he likes it !!

Local renault dealer informed me the Kangoos are no longer available in the UK.

Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner are identical vehicles - just making up my mind now. Both vehicles are capable of taking my electric wheelchair on a tail-lift.

I drive on hand-controls so will probably settle for Partner as automatic headlights and wipers are a cheaper add-on option wirh this vehicle.

I also considered the Fiat Doblo but advance payments (on motability scheme) were too expensive.

Hi Ian,

I have a Peugot Partner (same body as the Belingo) and like it.

I’m not wild about riding in the back but it’s so easy to drive my wheelchair up and down the ramp. It only takes a couple of minutes to get the clamps on.


Hi All, Recommend giving constables mobility in Sussex a call, ironically. I used to work for them and have delivered hundreds of new wav Peugeot, Renault, Citroen all over the country. Their vehicles were converted brilliantly and they were very helpful and efficient in the office. I also collected some really bad rattle buckets from other converters when delivering . So be aware of the quality of the WAV conversion as much as the car engine spec etc. Sorry to sound like an advert but I did see a lot of happy customers. Paul

I got my car from Constables – they were very helpful. I live in Yorkshire too – a million miles away from their base.

I called in at Constables a few months ago and was very impressed. They had quite a few cars there too. (I have just stopped driving now though)

Forgot to say Ian if you look on the motobillity site they will guide you to a full list of available WAVs.

Hi, I do look at WAVs in t`internet now and then.

I haven`t driven for 10 years, as my hubby takes me where I want to go in our campervan/bus.

If I had a good lottery win, I`d think about buying a drive from wheelie car.

Who amongst us does that?

I`d be interested to read your replies.

luv Pollx

Hi we went to Constables and had a good look round their show rooms.As we went to them we got a very good deal on a Citroen Berlingo.We are very pleased with the car and the service but would recomend you list the things you need and make sure that they come as standard and not as extras you will have to pay for.If you cant get to them(they are in Hailsham Sussex) give them a call and they will bring the car to you.Hope this is helpful.


Greetings,and I hope you feel better than you expected to be.I don’t know if you want to drive the car or need something to shift a chair, scooter etc.This is weird,but what about a retired Hackney taxi.I use them sometimes and can reverse a small scooter in easily, and the drivers are always moving chairs around.Just a thought from a diseased brain.


I always used Jubilee in the Wednesbury/Hill top area West Midlands to convert all of our vehicles for a care company.

Nothing was too much trouble even though many of our interiors designs had to accomodate large moulded wheelchairs. We spent hours crawling round in the pack of cars/minibuses trying to work out how to fit them in.

When I was there once there was a man from Manchester picking up his first hand control vehicle who was thrilled with the service.


Thanks for all your comments/ideas, much appreciated.



PS I thought about an old taxi WB. Decided a WAV was more refined, and less chance of someone jumping in if I stopped at any trraffic lights…

Hi Paul I own a Peugeot expert tepee that was converted by constables mobility ltd and I’m having problems with finding rear axles bushes because they changed the design can u please tell me of anyone I can get in touch with that use to work for constables mechanical side. Thanks