Moringa benefits for health

hi everybody

this thread is about moringa

blooming eyes! i read this thinking u had a tip for something to do in in morning to set me up for the day…

brekkie then meditation for me i think

ellie x

It’s not yet about anything!

What about moringa? What do you want to know, or tell us? I’ve never heard of any health benefits. I thought it was just a fragrance used in Body Shop bath goodies, among other things. Never heard of it otherwise.


This is i think about moringa the plant/herb that has health benefits. Its a group of plants that range in size from tiny herbs to trees. Or maybe someone you know called moringa?

In Comparable Amounts (gram per gram) Moringa contains more vitamin C than oranges, three times the iron of spinach, and four times the calcium of milk.

There, now we know. So markeginton are you pushing it?

What is it with MS? Are we some sort of cashcow for every pharma/nutrition/quack/conspiracy theorist going? Why us?

Mind you, if you read todays then you’ll see that cancer has the worst scammers out there.

There are days, when I just hate the internet.

It did not take more than a few seconds to find a US Company with Moringa in the name, who offer quite substantial commission for agents, and those who promote their product (bloggers, e-mailers, and the like). It seems to be another of those wonder products that will cure all your ills, make you irresistable to persons of the opposite sex, and a wizard at applied mathematics.

A thread for the moderators, I think.


OK, so we are talking about a tree that is being cutlivated for its high nutrient properties and potential to help combat 3rd World poverty and malnutrition.

Although interesting, what has it got to do with MS?


er, why was my reply ‘moderated’? I pretty well wrote what Geoff did.

What a compelling thread! I am totally convinced by the power of your argument and only wonder if you prefer cash, or will a cheque do?

Well, I’m sure that this will be the answer to all of my problems…I’ve got some Moringa body butter from the body shop…should I spread that on my toast in the morning?

Good Moringa everyone… hope you all have a nice weekend…

Pat x

Well, you`ve got our attention…so what now???


The original post was more than three months ago, and the original poster does not seem to have an account any more, so I don’t know why it’s being dredged up now. I think the original was spam, pure and simple, as reflected in DoctorGeoff’s post, and Whammel’s.



Doh…I never spotted the date or I wouldnt have replied!

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