Magnesium and diet to help MS

Hi, I stumbled across your website while researching information on magnesium. I noticed that a number of members were citing magnesium oxide and malate as good options; but the best two I've come across are magnesium citrate and magnesium glycinate. Mag citrate contains relatively high levels of bioavailable magnesium, i.e. the amount of magnesium that our bodies can absorb, whereas oxide is practically undigestible and goes straight through us, hence it's benefit as a laxative. Whereas Magnesium glycinate is ideal for being both digestible and not causing diarrohoea. There are some very interesting books out there on the dire need for people to improve their magnesium intake. I'm not sure if I can give the names of books out, but what I've read in a book by a magnesium specialist is that the RDA of 400mg daily is way too little. They suggest that we really need a 1:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium, so if we ingest 800mg of calcium daily then we need 800mg of magnesium. It's worth researching to discover all the health benefits.

I don't have MS but during my research for other health problems I've come across a doctor called Terry Wahl or Wahls. Not sure if you've heard about her on this forum. But she had MS and has claimed to cure herself by eating 9 cups of vegetables a day! If you search for her name online there are plenty of videos out there. Basically she eats 3 cups of leafy vegetables a day, 3 cups of sulphur containing veggies each day, e.g. onions, garlic, sprouts; and 3 cups of multicoloured fruit, berries and veggies. She claims that simply by providing her body with sufficient nutrients she has gone from being wheelchair bound to riding a bicycle to work. Just thought I'd pass the news on in case you haven't heard of her :-)

thanks for your very interesting post. I am experimenting with my own diet and have heard about Wahls but not it detail. I think it is a question of trial and error. Peter

Thanks for taking the time to post on here - yes we are all still learning about magnesium in its different forms. And all information is welcome. Must admit that l do not take any notice of the RDA - l take 3x 250ug magnesium oxide  of Holland and Barretts 1 a day. lt most certainly does not act as a laxative to me - and l have had chronic diarrhoea/lBS for 30yrs - ln fact l am very much better - which l have put down to the highdose vitd3 l take.

l was going to try the magnesium malate next - l have read lots of positive views about it on amazon.  The old and much used Epsom Salts/Fynnon Salts are magnesium citrate - and they were very laxative.