General Tips

Hi I was wondering if you guys have any general tips/advice - even including any natural supplements/foods that can help? or general tips?

Im hoping to get my family member whom has had MS for 40 years nos to read the replies and hopefully join to get involved in the help that could be available out there.


ms is such a variable illness i suspect thats why u havent had any replies yet. depends on how he/she has coped til now? perhaps firstly contact ur/their local branch of the ms society. if u have a specific question folk will find it easier to reply-theres an abundance of knowledge on here when u r ready…

he/she is lucky to have someone thinking of and wanting to do something practical to support them


Hi Mexi,

40yrs - So l expect that means he/she has secondary progressive ms. And would not be on any of the dmd’s [disease modifying drugs] - l have SPMS - and thats now 31yrs. l try to keep to a ‘grain free’ diet - no cereal/bread etc - as l am better on a gluten-free diet. l take LDN - which certainly helps me. And a high dose vitamin d3 and b12 supplement. Just google vitamin d3 deficiency ms - and the same with vitamin b12 deficiency ms. Magnesium is also needed with the d3.

You haven’t said how mobile your friend is - lf anything like me - l now find that osteo-arthritis is more of a problem to my mobility then the MS.

l think us ‘older’ ones were left to just get on with it. Certainly in my case l was. lts only since being on this forum - about 6yrs - that l have learnt more about my illness.

Good place for a laugh - a moan - a rant - always someone ready to respond. Especially, those of us who do not sleep!!!



I just stick to a healthy diet. I tried gluten free but found no benefit.

I have had ms for 2 and a bit years now, the best thing i have done was to give up drinking and (more importantly) smoking. I have much more energy now i don’t smoke, which has been a great help with my ms.

I do take vit D 5000 iu, omega 3 and cranberry capsules.


ps SpaceJacket, its not just the “older” ones left to get on with it. We have no ms clinic’s, care or contactable ms nurse’s near me either.

I think if someone’s been living with MS for 40 years, they’ll have developed their own strategies for dealing with it by now, and it’s probably a bit late in the day to start trying to coax them into new ways of doing things. Frankly, I don’t think I’d be very interested in new regimes, if I’d managed without for four decades. Not unless they held the promise of a cure, that is - so be very wary, as there’s no such thing at the moment. Anything that claims to be able to cure MS is a scam, by definition.

Any person with MS, whatever their age, or however long they’ve had it, should be able to access the services of an MS nurse. But I realise coverage across the UK is patchy, and in some areas, the reality may fall short of the ideal. But it’s still worth asking whether the person could/should have an MS nurse.

Having said that, there is not an awful lot that can be done for progressive types of MS anyway - which, after 40 years, this person almost certainly has. Day-to-day management of symptoms (which is not the same as treatment of the underlying disease) could be undertaken by a GP. They are licenced to prescribe symptom relief, make referrals to physiotherapy, continence specialists etc, if appropriate. So if the GP’s a decent one, it could be managed locally, by them, rather than having to be bounced back to the hospital all the time.


Hello Mexi. I agree with Tina, after 40 years I think your family member must pretty much know what they are doing regarding their ms. Do they already know about this site? Ask them!!’s a good place to come for a chat, support and a good laugh. Take care, Noreen xxx