Supplement query?

Hi wondering if anybody takes any supplements to help their ms just asking as was speaking to a man today who’s had ms for a number of years and swears by taking lecithin and evening primrose oil and also cutting fats, dairy and processed food out of his diet! Is there any evidence that any of these things make a difference?! Just seems a bit difficult to change your diet so severely also I smoke (not a lot) but nevertheless still do! Does this have a negative effect on ms? I know it’s not good who doesn’t but I quite enjoy it I’m shamed to say!..thanks Emma x

Hi Emma,I gave up smoking about 6 weeks ago using e-shisha sticks :wink: I have devoped a liking for mango flavoured ones and I’m not even using many of those now, about 2 a week. I did cut out gluten at the start of last year and I’ve tried to reintroduce it a little recently… in general I noticed my sleeping patterns changed within weeks of cutting out gluten and I could never go back to eating bread/pastry like I used to - I’ll maybe eat a pizza once a month and I don’t panic too much if there’s gluten in a sauce. I ate gluten a couple of days in a row and I got tummy ache - personally, I just don’t think your body finds it easy to digest gluten and that in itself adds to the exhaustion! :wink: Return key still not working on this PC - Sonia xx

Oh but I do take vit D3, B complex and cranberry pills Sonia x

Hi Emma, I was diagnosed with MS July 2012 had to take steroids initially then went on to gabapentin 600mg x 3 doses a day. At first I lost 21 lbs but over the next 10 months my weight started to creep up and I gained 2 stone making me the heaviest I had ever been.

I had to take medical retirement from work as a nurse and I had suffered with IBS for years. I had terrible fatigue and eventually asked my neuro if I could try Augmentine for fatigue at my last appointment in April. I take 200mg a day it was wonderful it stopped me falling asleep all the time but it also took away the hunger the gabapentin was causing.Now 5 months on I have lost 24 lbs by cutting out bread and butter, any product that contains yeast I have restricted dairy no cream or hard cheeses,and restricted fats and I take supplements.

I take vit D3, vit E, Vit B complex,vit C, & Ginseng, these have helped me feel much better and more energised. At the moment my IBS has improved 99% which makes going out much easier as I am not panicking about being near a loo all the time.I have just got a new car this week an automatic and I am driving again which I thought I would not do again.

The weight loss and the anti-fatigue medication have changed my life so much I feel like life is worth while again.The MS has been in remission for the last 3 months, also my husband has been following the same diet as me and has lost 2 stones as well so we have both benefitted.

I am not saying this will work for everyone but it seems to work for me so it is worth experimenting with your diet and trying supplements. It is a case of trial and error with MS hope this has helped and good luck for the future. Juanle x

Definitely agree that weight loss helps, as there’s less of you to move about. Weight training has helped me loads too.Obviously effects fatigue levels but the benefits outweigh that.