Hello everyone. Just asking for a bit of advice about Modafinil I know that most doctors will not prescribe it and I feel it would be beneficial to me. Please can you advise me of any trusted website where we can buy it ourselves without prescription. Roberta

Hi Roberta,

I have a feeling it wouldn’t be legal to “advise you”, even if somebody knew of one.

If you stick it in Google, loads come up, but I don’t really trust anything on the internet enough to give it a go. If they will supply a prescription-only drug without prescription, that already tells you something about how ethical and safety-conscious they are, in my opinion.

Also, I think they’re likely to get intercepted and destroyed by Royal Mail. Somebody of my acquaintance (NOT me) tried to post prescription drugs recently, to a friend who did not have a prescription. The package never arrived. OK, it might have got lost, just like millions of others, but RM terms and conditions state quite clearly they don’t accept them, unless sent by, or on the instruction of, a registered doctor, and that they reserve the right to seize and dispose of them. I drew my own conclusions what had happened.

RM can scan packages - and they do!


I have ordered Sativex before from e-med they are an on line private doctor and totally legitimate, they issued me a prescription for sativex, you could try this, they might give you a prescription for modafinil. You would have to pay the cost of modafinil, whatever that is, but since you are talking of buying it anyway, you probably are not averse to paying. Likewise, would your gp or neuro give you a private prescription. Cheryl:-)

Hi Roberta. My neuro prescribed Modafinil and sent the prescription by fax to my gp. Unfortunately it didn’t help me so I am on Amantadine which seems to help.