Safe to get Modafinil?


to all of u guys tht r taking Modafinil prescribed by a medical professionalCan you tell me what the actual tablets look like please? i.e. colur, shape n any writing on them etc .asking as saw a post from a Dr.Malcom i think it was regarding how one might be able to get Modafinil privately. He gave me a link after i asked him for it that is in all fairness to him/her and I am currently in middle of ordering some tablets. but it occurred to me that i got no idea what they shud look like n i dont wanna get poisoned etc still going to order them n give them a bash if i can get Modafinil this way as i cant get it to try for fatigue which is sucking life out o me these days :frowning: due to EU pratts :frowning: !!!

but jst wanna make sure i can do this as safely as poss.

btw, the link i was given is

appreciate all replies given n god bless

Anna x