think i messed up:(

hi all,

did anyone see the post from a dr.malcom regarding where one cud buy Modafinil frm?

well, i PM him for a link to the site and i have orderd some n yes i av stupidly put my details dwn on form too. I have tried to post 2 times on here with the link to ask if anyone knew of him and the site but it never comes up. i thought we could post links here now?im just scared now as i stupidly put my bank details on order form n other details so really scared now. especially as the ppl on ms boards obviously thought summit was wrong wiv the post, so hope i avnt opened myself up to sum kinda fraud now:( !!!

Hi Sunspirits,

I can’t remember the original post, but are you saying you are ordering Modafinil over the internet, without prescription? If you are, you are probably opening yourself up to more risks than just having sent your details to some stranger who was asking. It’s almost certainly not legal, and whatever you are paying for might not even be Modafinil, but something worthless or even harmful. If I’ve misunderstood, and it’s all above board and on prescription, then I apologise, and you needn’t worry. But please don’t fall for any sites that claim to be able to supply prescription drugs without prescription.

As for the banking issue, it might be worth having a word with your bank, and saying that you have accidentally disclosed some banking details, and asking for their advice.

I don’t know what happened to the original post (if anything), but IF it was removed, I assume it was because the so-called Doctor was either requesting or offering something that would be illegal.

I only vaguely remember the post, but do remember thinking it was a bit peculiar. He was asking if anyone knew where to buy Modafinil, and my immediate thought was: “No, but I bet if I say that, you’re going to say you do!” So I guessed he was probably touting, rather than a genuine enquirer, and that’s why he chose to call himself “Dr.”

I do wish I’d posted openly about my concerns, before anyone started PMing him their private details. :frowning:

I hope the bank can reassure you about how to protect yourself. Perhaps they can be especially vigilant for any unusual usage patterns, over the next few weeks? My bank’s fraud dept, tend to contact me automatically, if they detect spending patterns that appear out of the ordinary, for me. Either amounts, or frequency, or both. Sometimes it’s pretty annoying, because all I’ve done is to settle a number of bills online, in quick succession. They’ve detected this as possible fraud, because it might mean someone has stolen the card, and is spending on it as fast as possible, before it gets stopped.



Don’t worry too much, we’ve all done something we feel stupid about. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably fooling themselves. But…

Please contact your bank IMMEDIATELY.

It is possible that the people you have given your details to could clear out your bank account. If you let your bank know, preferably by phone, your liability would be limited. You can also change all your details so the details you gave will be wrong.

Hi, anything happened yet, that your bank has told you about?


I can understand why you are so worried.

All I can recommend is that you call your bank immediately, if you haven’t already done so, and tell them what has happened.

Hope you get on ok and let us know what happens.

I can’t remember seeing the original post either.

Shazzie xx