Private Doctors/Prescriptions Advice Pls

just wondering if anybody has some information about the drug ’ Modafinill’ pls? I wonder if this is available on 'private prescription and at what cost please?
Also, I think I remember there being some sort of ‘worry’ around it and apparently some people were ‘ill’ after taking it. Any info about this would be greatly appreciated please.
I have MS myself and am struggling with Fatigue and how bad this can be and am just looking for some help , so thank you in advance
A x

Here’s the latest from NICE: Fatigue in multiple sclerosis: modafinil | Advice | NICE I recently described modafinil to a friend as a ‘day saver’ and for me, it is just that. Those fatigue days that would otherwise be a complete write-off can sometimes be at least mildly productive and a lot more enjoyable. If you can try it, I would suggest that you do. I wish I had ideas for you to secure a reputable supply as a new patient. My only suggestion is that you get your neurologist to ask your GP to prescribe it. Some GPs are happier to prescribe something off-piste when a hospital specialist has done the recommending. Of course, you can source it the dirty way, directly from the Web - it’s a very popular drug - but I would hate to have to do it that way and so, I’m sure, would you - you just wouldn’t know whether you were getting modafinil or classroom chalk cut with Vim, would you? Good luck. Alison


I’d speak to your neuro and see if they’re happy to start a prescription (when I started with it, the first few times I had to get the prescription from my hospital’s pharmacy. This was so omy reaction to it could be monitored. Then my neuro was happy to authorise my GP to prescribe it.

I wouldn’t recommend getting it online though. People can have bad reactions to it, so it should be done by the book. I eventually had to come off it as my blood pressure started getting too high.


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