can you tell me how one might go about getting this drug on a script pls? especially if the nhs docs are not prepared to allow it for MS use etc. Also, does anyone have any idea on how much it will cost pls?

thnx Anna x

hi anna

i mentioned it to my gp who was prepared to prescribe it once my blood test results were in.

unfortunately he has now left my surgery.

i know of people who buy it on the internet (mates of my sons) but i’m wary of trying this approach

good luck

carole x

Hi Anna. If you mean modafinil, I take 100mg was on Amantadine 100mg same type of thing, gp said they were phasing Amantadine out, so changed me to modafinil, not sure they do much for me, haven’t taken one since last tues, as iv been on steroid, can’t say iv missed it really, just do as I do, tell the gp you heard this could be good, can you try, they can only say no, good luck. Graham.