Amantadine discontinued

Hi all,

Ordered my repeat prescription of Amantadine, Pregabalin and Vitamin D and Simvastatin earlier this week, only to find out that Amantadine has been discontinued.

The doctors are unsure of an alternative and I only have 6 days of treatment left.

This is going to leave me with no medication and with no chance to wean myself off the Amantandine.

Anyone in a similar situation?

Mel x

Hi, chuffin eck! Sounds like someone has made a huge c…k up there! Surely if a drug is going to be axed, then GPs and the like, should have had enough notice to chage their patients on to an alternative drug.

Hasnt your GP notified you of this?


Hi mel I am on amanatadine and last month took my prescription to chemist and they said there was a problem with the tablets so got back in touch with my gp and I have got amanatadine has a syrup might be worth asking Amanda

Thank’s Boudica and Hugs,phoned GP and she’s doing me a script for the syrup and as you said, thought everyone involved would have been notified,said it before after diagnosis no one seems to care that much.

Mel x

This is getting ridiculous! It’s unrelated to Amantadine, and in fact unrelated to MS, but last year I went to the pharmacy clutching a 'scrip for steroid eye drops, and couldn’t have those because there was a national scarcity, apparently. The pharmacy did invite me to phone round to see if I could locate any, but as I don’t drive, and wouldn’t be able to go over there if I did find some remote pharmacy that still had some, I had no choice but to go back to the doc and ask her to prescribe an alternative. I’ll concede that prior to MS, and even since, I’ve never been a regular at the doc’s, so perhaps it’s just luck I’d never before been prescribed anything I couldn’t get. But certainly, as a child/young person I don’t remember I or anyone in the immediate family ever being told the chemist just couldn’t do a prescription. So it seems to be a rather worrying new phenomenon. More worrying that GPs don’t seem to know, when prescribing, that patients might have trouble getting the stuff!


Hi, I take amantadine and only received a few tablets for my last prescription and a note from the chemist saying that they owed me the rest. Then i was told there was a problem but theyd let me know as soon as they got some. Has it definateley been discontinued? neither my dr or chemist seem to know.Can you get a syrup form? is this still available?


Hi All,

I’ve just got my repeat of this today and there wasn’t any probelms, last month they gave me 14 and owed me the rest but got them the next day. But this month all absolutely fine…what on earth is going on?


I couldn’t get tablets last month chemist said there was a problem with them, he told me to speak to my gp and ask for it in syrup form which I did and got 3 bottles for the month x Amanda

hi… i work in a pharmay so might be able to help!

as far as we know the actual drug is stil being made (I Hope because im on it!)

but sometimes it can go out of stock with suppliers for some time (changes to formulations/packaging etc) or it may be just the particular brand of amantadine you have that may have been discontinued? make sure the Dr writes your scripts as the generic “amantadine” not any particular brand, this way the pharmacy can try and order any available stock for you :slight_smile:

Doctors just phoned ,giving me the syrup,thank’s for all your help, panic over.

Mel x