I’ve run out of amantadine and have been told that it’s probably going to be the end of the month before any more comes in at the chemist.

I took my prescription in a week ago. I ran out of amantadine on Friday. I tried my drs for an alternative and was told there is no alternative but it’s not a life preserving drug, it’s for quality of life so I should be ok til some comes in or try my neuro for an alternative. I couldn’t get hold of my neuro as her secretary is on holiday and no one is covering her whilst she’s away.

I asked at the chemist today in a hope that some had come in. They now say it isn’t on order as I haven’t handed in a prescription. I’ve lost the IOU slip they gave me but this is normally ok as they have a copy. They said go to drs to get a prescription . I phoned the drs who wouldn’t give me a prescription as they had already given me one and to go back to the chemist. Chemist then said that I’d told them to cross it off .why would I be asking for it if I’d told them to cross it off and why would I want a drug that I need crossing off?!! They then said they still had no amantadine and I should phone the other chemists in town. I thought that they’d check the other chemists. I thought my drs should have asked my neuro for an alternative. I feel like everyone is being unhelpful and I’m struggling .

i just don’t know where to go from here.