Hi i’m new to this forum and would like to ask if anyone is having trouble getting amantadine. The chemist says it’s a production problem and to ask the doctor is there is an alternative. Our GP didn’t know if there is anything esle that can be taken. It is my husband that has MS and I have been reading all the threads and have found out things that my husband should be checking on.

I am on Amantadine and I havent had any issues with my chemist supplying it, I certainly havent heard anything about any production/supply problems.

I’m on amatadine and just been for my prescription and they said they can’t get it in capsules so had to go back to doctors to get it in liquid form, but they have had to order it so will let you know if I get it tomorrow Amanda

Hi, do those of who use it take it for fatigue? Does it help? I tried it a few years ago and gave up as it caused constipation.


I was taking it for fatigue but wasn’t sure if it was the Amantadine making me feel dizzy and as if I’d had too much to drink. I stopped it about 3-4 weeks ago but think I’ll be going back on it as I’m still as unsteady and wobbly as I was. It did help with the fatigue.

Hi My last script at my usual pharmacy said they had a problem getting it from their supplier.Went to Asda Pharmacy and they gave me it but was adifferent box and brand name but was still Amantidine 100mg caps.

I found they did help my fatigue over past 5yrs.Not so much lately but maybe more going on.

Hi I have been taking this for fatigue for about 5 years and yesterday ordered a new pack. I don’t know what I would do if there are problems getting it. I would be unable to get out of bed. Oh crap, I hope any problems with supply are sorted quickly. I rely on amantadine to get me through the day.

I picked mine up today and it is liquid form. Amanda

I picked mine up today and it is liquid form. Amanda

I am having trouble too and just keep getting told there is no alternative I will ask about liquid form. I don’t think it works wonders but do know if I forget as fatigue is even worse and it sure isn’t good with it. Barney

Hi i saw my consultant today about fatigue and he gave me two options amantadine or modafinil. He prescribed me the latter one so i will let you know how i get on with it.

Sharon. x

Picked up my amantadine today, so no problems thankfully.

I live in Cumbria and there is definitely a supply problem of Amantadine, even went to Inverness whilst on holiday in Aviemore at the beginning of June to collect part of my prrescription. Noticed from previous posts that it comes in liquid form so will make enquireis about that.