I am on the hunt for Amantadine, anyone know of where they’ve been able to get it?

I was recently prescribed it after seeing my MS nurse who recommended it. However, the pharmacies in my area have told me that they are out of stock and don’t know when it will be back. They have told me that my best chance is to ring around and see if there is any in different areas. Not very helpful!

My pharacist has told me that he will get a delivery on 25 September and has suggested I ask my GP to find an alternative. Not my GP’s fault, but he is not a neurologist and I don’t rate his chances of finding an alternative, so I’m going to askmy MS nurse who I’m seeing on Tuesday. Failing that, I’m going to approach my hospital.

My pharmacist has said that he will be able to get it on 25/09 and has suggested I ask my GP to find analternative. I don’tt think my GP will be able to do this, so I’m going to ask my MS nurse who I’m seeing on Tuesday. Failing this, I will ask my hospital/consultant for advice --they must be aware of the supply chain issue and have some advice for people on Amantadine. I will let you know if I get an answer.

I have just been prescribed this and started taking them on Wednesdasy. My pharmacy could only give me 28 tablets although I had been prescribed 56, and said that they would give me the rest when they got them in. did not say when though.

So I may be looking for somerthing else as well. I don’t know if these are helping me yet though. I am monitoring my response, but this heat does not help. One minute I think I feel I have more energy and the next I have to sit down before I fall down. Aaaaahh MS for you.

Keeping fingers crossed for next delivery.

Jackie xx

I had trouble but did get some after about 6 weeks. Ask for liquid form that is available. Barney