Modafinil & Vit D

Hello lovely people…

I haven’t posted for ages as I have been in denial of my MS!

Has anyone tried a combination of Modafinil and vitamin D (5000)? I have been taking Amantadine for years to help with fatigue but it just doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I recently saw my Neuro & he sugested the above combination instead. I would be most grateful of any feedback.

TVM Tracy x

Hi troski. I take 5000iu Vd3 every day, and I have modafinil 100mg. But not used for a while, but will try and let you know in a few days. Ps I know modafinil is better than Amantadine iv had both, Amantadine is apparently being fazed out my gp told me, so went back to modafinil the drug students pay for to help pass exams? Google, it’s true.

Wow! Thak you Squiffy… I look forward to trying this combination now I know it can be of benefit… I must try & sign up for some exams soon :slight_smile:

Hugs x

Haha. Or just do the newspaper quizzes and surprize yourself. Lol

I have taken both for years (not quite as much Vitamin D as that). I wouldn’t say I notice if I forget the Vitamin D, but I notice all right if I forget the modafinil! I think it is a great help.


Thank you Alison…

I am really looking forward to life again :slight_smile:

My Neuro told me that I should take the 5000 Vit D though… He said the lower doses wouldn’t be effective.


Tracy x