Its been sometime since i used this forum but i remember how helpful you all are!

I have highly active RRMS, I have been taking Tysabri for the last 11 months, its keeping me stable on the whole. My fatigue levels have become insane over the last month. Ive been on a fatigue management course, been seen by an OT and have a very understanding husband who helps with the children and housework.

My neurologist is asking my GP if they’d be prepared to prescribe Modafinil to treat the Fatigue. My question is has anyone else had a recent success in getting this drug from a gp, and if so has it helped you?

Struggling big time - many thanks and wish you all the best for a happy and healthy new year.

Ssdd x

Hi, I have rrms
and take amantadine for my fatigue. Helps me. Before I was really struggling

Try taking lots of B Vits. They are water-soluble - so you cannot overdose. B12 - and B Complex. And l also take lots of Biotin and Thiamine - both B Vits. Also l take high dose of Vitd3 with Vit k2 and magnesium. MS seems to prevent us from absorbing enough of these vital vits. l have been much better energised since starting on them.

Google them - adding MS

Tried that one already and sadly it did nothing for me. Good that it helps you, im just awkward!!

Hi Spacejacket, i have a b12 shot every 3 months or so as ive got pernicious anemia, so my body cant absorb the supplements. I do also take magnesium and vitiman D, however still exhausted all the time!

If you can get Modafinil, it’s the best drug for MS fatigue (for many people). It is difficult to get a prescription nowadays. I took it for 5 years or so before deciding that it no longer worked for me. But if you can get it, do. Just be warned, it made me feel nauseous for about a month, I persevered and after the initial few weeks it was absolutely fine and I wouldn’t have been able to work post diagnosis for as long as I did without it.


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lt would not hurt to take the B12 everyday. Every 3 months injection is probably just keeping your levels ticking over. Get the 5,000mcg sublingual ones - they dissolve under the tongue. l take all my b vits this way - as l get the Biotin and Thiamine in powder form. Did you google Thiamine fatigue MS.

l take 40,000ius of D3 daily - along with K2 and Magnesium. And l have my levels checked every 6 months. The highest l have got is 98nmols -

Recently, l got the book by Jeff T Bowles - about the Miraculous High levels of Vitamin d3. Look for it on amazon.


Every ones different and I took Modafinil only for 4 days and it made me feel like a zombie; its bad enough looking like one so I gave up.

As Ssssue and this article says it seems the best

Good luck