Hello Everyone,

Haven’t been here for a while, hope everyone is doing Ok.

I was with my neurologist and she has prescribed ne Modafinil for fatigue. This is not something I have ever heard of before. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this drug?



No but I’ve been trying to get it for ages … my PCT say its for narcolepsy and only offer animations (doesn’t work). Let its know how you get on x

Stupid autocorrect - amantadine!

I have been on this before but unfortunately it did no good. I was told by many on here to grab it with both hands as its like gold dust. Lots of people have had great results but it only helps about 50%. I really hope it helps you as much as those others, Lindsay x

Modafili - Its fab and a real help to me. It does nothing for my body unfortunately, but i aint complaining as i havent been this good in 2 years. Tried Amantadine but for me there is no comparison as it only helped a little.


It’s been an absolute godsend for me, but as Lindsay said, it doesn’t work for everyone.

I take 100mg at 10am and another 100mg at 3pm (later if I want to stay up late). A few side effects in the early weeks (e.g. feeling a bit jittery and “surreal”, occasional headache and dizziness), but nothing bad and they wore off.

I hope they work really well for you :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks for your answers folks. I pick up my prescription tomorrow. I’ll let you know how I get on. Xox