Mobility scooters in the rain


I’ve had my mob scooter since January - I bought it so I can walk my dog, but I’m reluctant to use it in the rain in case it goes bang. I’ve seen the cape/tent things, but they’re not going to be much use to me because at some point during the walk I’ll need to get off the scooter to pick up after the dog. I have waterproof clothing and the dog isn’t that bothered about getting wet.

The poor guy hasn’t been out for a walk for the past week because of a combination of the weather and my current inability to keep my eyes open for more than a few hours at a time during the day. Luckily I have a garden I can let him out in. Am I being a bit daft with my concerns about the rain?

Luisa x

Hi Luisa As long as you don’t go surfing on it you will be ok. He low voltage side of the system will be ip rated as the mains side where you charge. Watch the deep puddles and as he terminals for he battery are high up on the base this reduces the risk of short circuit. There are few electrics lower hen the battery terminals. Enjoy walking-scooting your dog Mike x

Hi Luisa, when I first had my scooter… over 2 years ago… I was dead worried about the rain… but I’ve now sort of given up worrying.

I go out in rain if I really have to and haven’t had problems. I’ve even parked it in heavy rain (had dentist appointment and nowhere undercover for scooter) and I tied a plastic bag around the front bit… where key and dials are… to keep that dry… and prayed! No problems at all.

I think they are quite robust machines. The longer you have one the more confident you get.

Take the dog out and enjoy yourselves,

Pat x

You can get a cover that just goes over the controls from most mobility sites, possibly even your local mobility shop, I’d check Argos and Halfords as well about £7, I’d also try Amazon, given the rain we’ve had lately and the way it’s been coming down, I think I might trust one more than a plastic bag, just one thing though, you’ll still get a wet bottom I’m afraid if you get caught out!

Alison x

Thanks guys, that’s a big help - Maude, I have waterproofs to wear, so hopefully (if I remember to wear them) I’ll stay dry!

L x

I hope so, I found out the hard way!

Hi Louisa,

I’m much the same when it comes to rain – basically if it’s raining hard I stay home. It’s more to do with it being unpleasant for me than worry about the scooter.
I tried one of those cover all things – I got one that you could get out of easily to pick up poop but it was horrible I’d much rather just wear waterproofs.

I bought waterproof trousers but don’t find them very successful as water seems to pool on your lap and soak into the seams. (Perhaps they weren’t very good ones) I’ve just got a sort of waterproof apron to wear in my wheelchair – I think I might give that a go on the scooter. If water pools on my lap I can just stand up and shake it off.

I carry a towel in my scooter bag to dry off the seat – it gets wet amazingly quickly if you have to stand up and then you get a wet bum – horrible!


I imagine the designers have thought about this, if it doesn’t expressly warn you not to go out in the rain, it shouldn’t be a problem.

From a design standpoint, you’re disabled and using a mobility scooter, if you’re already out somewhere and it begins to rain, they would have had to consider that, it’s not like you can pick it up and run home of park under a convenient bus shelter and hope the rain stops before it gets dark.

As long as you don’t store the scooter outdoors for extended periods it shouldn’t have any long term affect.

Good point, thank you - I’ve ordered a rain cover for the control panel from Ebay, it was about £5, so not breaking the bank

L x

Hi. I wear a bicycle cape on my scoot when it rains. Whilst wearing it I drape it over the back of the seat and also over the handle bars. So, I am basically under a tent. There are slits in the cape to put my arms through if I need to pick something up.

x x

Thanks Mia, I’ll have a look at them - generally, to pick up after the dog I need to get off the scooter, he usually does it just far enough away that I can’t reach if I stay on it (sure it’s something to do with the canine sense of humour).

L x

Now now Luisa Aberdeen aint that bad. As you know I am known to frequent the Spiders Web on occasion and have even been known to partake of a few flaggons of the foaming brew. Now I am nothing if not a trooper and am willing to put myself through hell to carry on this tradition, battle through snowstorms, hurricanes and even the odd deluge. Accompanied by my trusty scooter I have never flagged in my pursuit of eternal dizziness through the consumption of Tennents Lager. What I am basically saying is that there is as much chance of you exploding on your scooter as there is of me persuading a woman to go out with me. Trust me on this one, those are long odds.


Gary, confused me a bit there, you’re no longer Resigned, but Happy? That’s good to know. This month has been particularly wet - the weather people are prob days away from proclaiming it to be the wettest June since time (or at least records) began. Having recently decided to go down the masochism route and join another dating site, I think that you and I have equal chances of finding a partner. I’ll wait until the rain cover for the controls arrives before I chance wet weather scootering.

Speak soon,

L x