Mobility scooter covers.

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know which would be a better cover when I’m trundling on the scooter out in the rain? Is it one that covers both me and the scooter with my head sticking out like a truncated potato, or one just to cover me. Bear in mind, manipulating large things with only one working side is difficult. As I live at the highest point of East Sussex extremes in weather are common occurences. I do actually like extreme places-screaming into the wind at Bardsey Sound, looking across to the lights of Morocco from Tarifa or fighting hailstones in a howler on top of Snowdon-I digress, any thoughts?

Good wishes.

I presume you use local knowledge and have a good look at the local forecasts,then The Wet Office and go out dressed accordingly.I’ve taken one fleece off from under my warm breathable gear and unless we get a heatwave the top layers are staying and I’ll thin out the other layers.I’ve done over 3,000 miles in two years on the road on ‘Big Bug’ but am too weak to use it at the moment,so am out on a power-chair and have thrown a cycle poncho over everything when I got caught out.

I never fancied a cover over the buggy as I needed to be able to concentrate and not worry about ‘Sail-Scootering’ in a gale, or worry about it flapping about.Davros the chair is different and easier hence the emergency poncho.I applaud your efforts,but you can water-proof the scooter and yourself independantly with WD-40,vaseline, good quality gaffer tape and a cheap plastic seat cover.Go easy with the gaffer tape on yourself,

Be lucky,


I’ve never really solved the wet weather issue. When I first started scootering I bought one of the covers you are talking about – head-sticking-out thingy but I didn’t like it at all. I felt that I couldn’t see where I was going and it was constantly billowing in the wind.

I decided to rainproof me and let the scooter take it’s chances. Waterproof trousers etc. I worry about the scooter getting wet though so I tend not to go out if it’s raining.

One or two folk near where I live have those plastic structures on a frame which look wind and weather proof but I have to say have a high dopey rating. (Not very cool)

Like the idea of a cycle poncho for my chair WB - I’ve got a cover for my legs but water pools on my lap – not very nice.